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Sr. No. Name of Subsidiary Company English Local
i) ABJA Investment Co. Pte. Ltd.  
ii) Adityapur Toll Bridge Company Limited  
iii) Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited  
iv) Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd.  
v) Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Company Limited  
1 Haldia Water Management Limited  
2 SEZ Adityapur Limited  
vi) Mohar Export Services Pvt. Ltd  
vii) NatSteel Asia Pte. Ltd.  
1 Tata Steel Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd.  
viii) Rujuvalika Investments Limited  
ix) T S Alloys Limited  
x) Tata Korf Engineering Services Ltd.
xi) Tata Metaliks Ltd.  
xii) Tata Sponge Iron Limited   
1 TSIL Energy Limited  
xiii) Tata Steel (KZN) (Pty) Ltd. (Under liquidation)
xiv) T Steel Holdings Pte. Ltd.  
1 T S Global Holdings Pte Ltd.  
I. Orchid Netherlands (No.1) B.V.  
II. NatSteel Holdings Pte. Ltd.  
1 Easteel Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.  
2 Eastern Steel Fabricators Philippines, Inc.  
3 NatSteel (Xiamen) Ltd.  
4 NatSteel Recycling Pte Ltd.  
5 NatSteel Trade International (Shanghai) Company Ltd.  
6 NatSteel Trade International Pte. Ltd.  
7 NatSteel Vina Co. Ltd.  
8 The Siam Industrial Wire Company Ltd.  
9 TSN Wires Co., Ltd.  
III. Tata Steel Europe Limited  
1 Apollo Metals Limited (Included within Hoogovens USA Inc. Consolidated Accounts)  
2 Augusta Grundstucks GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
3 Automotive Laser Technologies Limited  
4 B S Pension Fund Trustee Limited  
5 Beheermaatschappij Industriele Produkten B.V.    
6 Bell & Harwood Limited  
7 Blastmega Limited  
8 Blume Stahlservice GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
9 Blume Stahlservice Polska Sp.Z.O.O    
10 Bore Samson Group Limited  
11 Bore Steel Limited  
12 British Guide Rails Limited  
13 British Steel Corporation Limited  
14 British Steel Directors (Nominees) Limited  
15 British Steel Engineering Steels (Exports) Limited  
16 British Steel Nederland International B.V.  
17 British Steel Service Centres Limited  
18 British Tubes Stockholding Limited  
19 C V Benine    
20 C Walker & Sons Limited  
21 Catnic GmbH  
22 Catnic Limited  
23 CBS Investissements SAS  
24 Cogent Power Inc., Canada  
25 Tata Steel International Mexico SA de CV  
26 Cogent Power Inc., USA  
27 Cogent Power Limited  
28 Color Steels Limited  
29 Corbeil Les Rives SCI    
30 Corby (Northants) & District Water Company Limited  
31 Cordor (C & B) Limited  
32 Corus Aluminium Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
33 Corus Beteiligungs GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
34 Corus Building Systems Bulgaria AD  
35 Corus CNBV Investments  
36 Corus Cold drawn Tubes Limited  
37 Corus Engineering Steels (UK) Limited  
38 Corus Engineering Steels Holdings Limited  
39 Corus Engineering Steels Limited  
40 Corus Engineering Steels Overseas Holdings Limited  
41 Corus Engineering Steels Pension Scheme Trustee Limited
42 Corus Group Limited  
43 Corus Holdings Limited  
44 Corus International (Overseas Holdings) Limited  
45 Corus International Limited  
46 Corus International Romania SRL.    
47 Corus Investments Limited  
48 Corus Ireland Limited
49 Corus Large Diameter Pipes Limited  
50 Corus Liaison Services (India) Limited  
51 Corus Management Limited  
52 Corus Primary Aluminium B.V.    
53 Corus Property  
54 Corus Service Centre Limited  
55 Corus Steel Service STP LLC  
56 Corus Tubes Poland Spolka Z.O.O  
57 Corus UK Healthcare Trustee Limited  
58 Corus Ukraine LLC  
59 CPN (85) Limited  
60 Crucible Insurance Company Limited  
61 Degels GmbH
62 Demka B.V.    
63 DSRM Group Plc.  
64 Eric Olsson & Soner Forvaltnings AB    
65 Esmil B.V.    
66 Europressings Limited  
67 Firsteel Group Limited  
68 Firsteel Holdings Limited  
69 Fischer Profil GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
70 Gamble Simms Metals Limited  
71 Grant Lyon Eagre Limited  
72 H E Samson Limited  
73 Hadfields Holdings Limited  
74 Halmstad Steel Service Centre AB    
75 Hammermega Limited  
76 Harrowmills Properties Limited  
77 Hille & Muller GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
78 Hille & Muller USA Inc. (Included within Hoogovens USA Inc. Consolidated Accounts)  
79 Hoogovens USA Inc.  
80 Huizenbezit €œBreesaap€ B.V.    
81 Ickles Cottage Trust Limited  
82 Inter Metal Distribution SAS    
83 Kalzip Asia Pte Limited
84 Kalzip FZE
85 Kalzip GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
86 Kalzip GmbH
87 Kalzip Inc  
88 Kalzip India Private Limited
89 Kalzip Italy SRL    
90 Kalzip Limited  
91 Kalzip Spain S.L.U.    
92 Layde Steel S.L.    
93 Lister Tubes Limited  
94 London Works Steel Company Limited  
95 Midland Steel Supplies Limited  
96 Montana Bausysteme AG    
97 Naantali Steel Service Centre OY
98 Nationwide Steelstock Limited  
99 Norsk Stal Tynnplater AS    
100 Norsk Stal Tynnplater AB    
101 Orb Electrical Steels Limited  
102 Ore Carriers Limited  
103 Oremco Inc.  
104 Plated Strip (International) Limited  
105 Precoat International Limited  
106 Precoat Limited  
107 Rafferty-Brown Steel Co Inc Of Conn.  
108 Round Oak Steelworks Limited  
109 Runblast Limited  
110 Runmega Limited  
111 S A B Profiel B.V.
112 S A B Profil GmbH  
113 Seamless Tubes Limited  
114 Service Center Gelsenkirchen GmbH
115 Service Centre Maastricht B.V.
116 Skruv Erik AB    
117 Societe Europeenne De Galvanisation (Segal) Sa  
118 Speciality Steels UK Limited
119 Staalverwerking en Handel B.V.    
120 Steel StockHoldings Limited  
121 Steelstock Limited  
122 Stewarts & Lloyds Of Ireland Limited  
123 Stewarts And Lloyds (Overseas) Limited  
124 Stocksbridge Works Cottage Trust Limited  
125 Surahammar Bruks AB    
126 Swinden Housing Association Limited  
127 Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels N.V.    
128 Tata Steel Belgium Services N.V.    
129 Tata Steel Denmark Byggsystemer A/S    
130 Tata Steel Europe Distribution BV    
131 Tata Steel Europe Metals Trading BV  
132 Tata Steel France Batiment et Systemes SAS    
133 Tata Steel France Holdings SAS    
134 Tata Steel Germany GmbH
135 Tata Steel IJmuiden BV  
136 Tata Steel International (Americas) Holdings Inc  
137 Tata Steel International (Americas) Inc  
138 Tata Steel International (Benelux) BV    
139 Tata Steel International (Canada) Holdings Inc  
140 Tata Steel International (Czech Republic) S.R.O   
141 Tata Steel International (Denmark) A/S  
142 Tata Steel International (Finland) OY  
143 Tata Steel International (France) SAS    
144 Tata Steel International (Germany) GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
145 Tata Steel International (South America) Representações LTDA  
146 Tata Steel International Hellas SA  
147 Tata Steel International (Italia) SRL    
148 Tata Steel  International (Middle East) FZE
149 Tata Steel International (Nigeria) Ltd. (Yet to commence operations)
150 Tata Steel International (Poland) sp Zoo  
151 Tata Steel International (Schweiz) AG
152 Tata Steel International (Sweden) AB  
153 Tata Steel International (India) Limited
154 Tata Steel International Iberica SA    
155 Tata Steel Istanbul Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret AS    
156 Tata Steel Latvia Building Systems SIA  
157 Tata Steel Maubeuge SAS    
158 Tata Steel Nederland BV  
159 Tata Steel Nederland Consulting & Technical Services BV  
160 Tata Steel Nederland Services BV    
161 Tata Steel Nederland Star-Frame BV    
162 Tata Steel Nederland Technology BV    
163 Tata Steel Nederland Tubes BV  
164 Tata Steel Netherlands Holdings B.V.  
165 Tata Steel Norway Byggsystemer A/S    
166 Tata Steel Speciality Service Centre Suzhou Co. Limited
167 Tata Steel Sweden Byggsystem AB    
168 Tata Steel Speciality Service Centre Xian Co. Limited  
169 Tata Steel UK Consulting Limited  
170 Tata Steel UK Holdings Limited  
171 Tata Steel UK Limited  
172 Tata Steel USA Inc.  
173 The Newport And South Wales Tube Company Limited  
174 The Stanton Housing Company Limited  
175 The Templeborough Rolling Mills Limited  
176 Thomas Processing Company (Included within Hoogovens USA Inc. Consolidated Accounts)  
177 Thomas Steel Strip Corp. (Included within Hoogovens USA Inc. Consolidated Accounts)  
178 Toronto Industrial Fabrications Limited  
179 Trierer Walzwerk GmbH (Included within Tata Steel Germany GmbH Consolidated Accounts)
180 TS South Africa Sales Office Proprietary Limited  
181 Tulip UK Holdings (No.2) Limited  
182 Tulip UK Holdings (No.3) Limited  
183 U.E.S. Bright Bar Limited  
184 UK Steel Enterprise Limited
185 UKSE Fund Managers Limited  
186 Unitol SAS    
187 Walker Manufacturing And Investments Limited  
188 Walkersteelstock Ireland Limited  
189 Walkersteelstock Limited  
190 Westwood Steel Services Limited  
191 Whitehead (Narrow Strip) Limited  
IV. Tata Steel Global Minerals Holdings Pte Ltd.  
1 Al Rimal Mining LLC  
2 Black Ginger 461 (Proprietary) Ltd  
3 Kalimati Coal Company Pty. Ltd.  
4 Sedibeng Iron Ore Pty. Ltd.  
5 Tata Steel Cote D€™ Ivoire S.A  
6 Tata Steel Minerals UK Limited   
7 T S Canada Capital Ltd  
8 Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited   
V. Tata Steel International (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd.  
1 TSIA Holdings (Thailand) Limited  
2 Tata Steel International (Shanghai) Ltd.  
3 Tata Steel International (Thailand) Limited  
4 Tata Steel International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.  
5 Tata Steel International (Asia) Limited  
VI. Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Ltd.  
1 N.T.S Steel Group Plc.  
2 The Siam Construction Steel Co. Ltd.  
3 The Siam Iron And Steel (2001) Co. Ltd.  
VII. Tata Steel Global Procurement Company Pte. Ltd.   
1 ProCo Issuer Pte. Ltd.   
xv) Tata Steel Odisha Limited  
xvi) Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited  
xvii) Tayo Rolls Limited  
xviii) Tata Pigments Limited  
xix) The Tinplate Company of India Limited   
xx) Tata Steel Foundation   
xxi) Jamshedpur Continuous Annealing & Processing Company Private Limited  
xxii) T M Mining Company Limited  
xxiii) TM International Logistics Limited  
1 International Shipping and Logistics FZE  
2 TKM Global China Ltd  
3 TKM Global GmbH  
4 TKM Global Logistics Limited  
xxiv) Naba Diganta Water Management Limited