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Rabindra Setu, or as every true-blooded Kolkattan calls it, Howrah Bridge completes 75 years of bridging generations on February 3, 2018. For us at Tata Steel, it is a privilege to have been associated with this national architectural icon since its inception.

When the bridge was conceived, we were presented with an opportunity to deliver 23,500 tonnes of steel made to exacting British specifications. We rose to the challenge with breakthrough research and manufacturing ingenuity by creating TISCROM, India’s first high-tensile steel. With almost 90% of the steel used on the bridge being manufactured by Tata Steel, Howrah Bridge is a testament to innovation and steely determination.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of this marvel in metal, we are releasing a commemorative Coffee Table Book on Howrah Bridge and its association with Tata Steel.