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Vision of Sports

To engage Employees, their families and the Community in Sporting Activities for Healthy Life-Style & Wellbeing.

To add to Company’s brand image through excellence in Sports and by empowering the community through Sports.

About Sports

Encouragement and support for Sports at Tata Steel dates back nearly a century, and is part of its culture. Tata Steel has been one of the foremost corporate promoters of Indian sports – having built academies for football, archery, athletics, hockey and sport climbing.

It was a tradition started by the company’s first chairman Sir Dorabji Tata, who financed India’s first Olympic team to Antwerp, Belgium in 1920. Tata Steel later established the Jamshedpur Athletic Club in 1927, and started sports competitions for working women and children.

The testimony to our efforts in adding value to the overall sports eco system of the Country is that Tata Steel has produced 1 Padma Bhushan, 11 Padma Shri, 1 Khel Ratna, 5 Dronacharya and 41 Arjuna Awardees in the field of Sports.

Our Journey

Tata Steel has been consistently involved in creating and nurturing professional Sportspersons through its academies and grassroots feeder centres. In 1984, Tata Steel set up its Tata Youth Adventure Centre, known today as the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation.

Three years later in 1987, the company launched the Tata Football Academy.

Tata Archery Academy was established in 1996, which has produced many champion players like Deepika Kumari Jayanta Talukdar, Atanu Das, Limba Ram etc. who have gone on to represent India in Olympics. Indian athletics, too, received a boost when Tata Steel unveiled the Tata Athletics Academy in 2004. In 2017, Tata Steel for the first time stepped into commercial side of sports when it started Jamshedpur Football Club (JFC), which competes in India’s premier football League the ISL. The same year saw the emergence of Naval Tata Hockey Academy. Tata Steel started this as a joint venture with Tata Trust with an aim to train the budding hockey enthusiasts and in turn bring back the glory of Indian Hockey at the International arena.

Tata Steel has also been running training centres of 19 different sports disciplines in the JRD Sports Complex in Jamshedpur training close to 2500 kids every year.

Meanwhile, apart from promoting professional sportspersons, Tata Steel has also been involved in promoting fitness culture amongst the masses through its marathons which are organized in 5 cities across India.

Six years ago, Tata Steel started the TSK 25 (Tata Steel Kolkata 25), a 25-km marathon that has a social cause at its heart – supporting the Tata Medical Center, a cancer hospital in Kolkata. Tata Steel has also organized running events annually in Jamshedpur and Noamundi (both in Jharkhand) and Bhubaneshwar & Angul (both in Odisha).

J R D Tata gave fruition to the Founder’s vision, inculcating sports as an integral part of Tata Steel’s corporate philosophy. The Company’s commitment towards the promotion of sports is manifested through separate departments for football, archery, athletics and more. Over time, an impressive array of infrastructure, matching international standards to support sports has been built.

JRD Tata Sports Complex

Spread over 30 acres of area, the complex has an 8-lane synthetic track, international-size swimming pool, boxing centre, skating area, basketball court, archery ground, handball ground, lawn tennis court, volleyball court, table tennis hall, chess centre and adventure sports. The JRD Tata Sports Complex is the home of Jamshedpur FC, making the football club the only Indian Super League (ISL) franchisee to have its own stadium.

Gopal Maidan,
Armoury, Beldih,
CNR, Club House

These grounds are extensively used not only for sporting events but also for various social functions.

Keenan Stadium

Built in 1939, primarily for cricket matches, it has a capacity of 18000 and has hosted more than a dozen matches against foreign visiting teams and 10 one-day international cricket matches. More than 100 Ranji and Duleep Trophy matches have been conducted in the stadium since its inception.

Golf Course

Jamshedpur has one 9-hole & one 18-hole golf course where many competitions are hosted annually.

Residential sports academies of international standards have been established for preparing international level players:

Tata Football Academy

  1. TFA is spread over 5 Acres of land
  2. One well maintained Natural Surface Floodlit Football Ground
  3. Air-conditioned Hostel which can accommodate 40 cadets
  4. Ultra-Modern Gymnasium with state-of-the-art-equipment
  5. Guest Rooms for visiting Coaches & Officials
  6. Recreation Room with TV/DVD, Carrom, Table Tennis for
  7. Physiotherapy room
  8. Video aided lecture cum conference room
  9. Facility for Ice Bath
  10. Study Room for Cadets; Tutors & Tuition Facilities
  11. One luxury bus & SUV for transportation of Cadets & Officials
  12. Flood Lights for Practice at Night
  13. Dining Hall and Kitchen area

Tata Archery Academy

  1. Archery Ground as per International Standard with 110 meters in length, width of the shade at the shooting area is 50 Meters & Clearance areas 25 Meters which can accommodate up to 50 Target Bosses
  2. Air-conditioned Hostel which can accommodate 32 cadets
  3. Swimming Pool of International Standard
  4. A well-equipped Modern Cross fit for
  5. High Performance Centre (Sports Science Facility along with Team of experts)
  6. Guest Rooms for visiting Coaches,
  7. Common Room with TV/DVD, Billiards Table for recreation of the Cadets.
  8. Study Room for Cadets; Tutors & Tuitions
  9. Dining Hall & Kitchen area
  10. One luxury bus & SUV for transportation of Cadets & Officials
  11. Flood lights for Practice at night
  12. Ice bath Facility for Cadets

Naval Tata Hockey Academy

  1. Artificial Hockey Astro Turf with flood lights
  2. Air-conditioned Hostel for 39 cadets
  3. Facility for Gym and Swimming
  4. One luxury bus for transportation of Cadets & Officials
  5. Flood Lights for Practice at Night
  6. Dining Hall & Kitchen area
  7. Study and Recreational facilities

High Performance Centre

  1. Total area of HPC is 11780 sq. ft., out of which, artificial turf area covers 325 sq. ft. which is used in sport-specific rehabilitation program
  2. EPDM Red Track 1400 sq. ft., & anti-slippery exercise mat used for functional training
  3. Multipurpose Sport Flooring (wooden texture) 2630 sq. ft.
  4. Hydro-pool (Aquatic therapy) used for post-traumatic rehabilitation
  5. 2 nos. Steam bathes & Cryochamber used for early sports recovery
  6. Hypoxic generator used for acclimatization in high – altitude training
  7. Psychology test lab with assessment tools
  8. Soft tissue manipulation therapy unit with 3 treatment tables

JRD Tata Sports Complex

Inaugurated in 1991, this 30-acre world-class complex in Jamshedpur has a seating capacity of ~25,000. As a multi-use stadium, it provides athletes with boarding and training facilities. The complex has an international-size football field with an eight-lane synthetic running track around the field. This iconic sports stadium is also the home ground for newly formed Jamshedpur FC. It has hosted the home matches of Jamshedpur FC for the ISL Season 2017-18. 2018-19 & 2019-20.

It also houses an Olympic size state-of-the-art swimming pool. It is primarily used for football and athletics, but also offers facilities for 18 sports disciplines such as - archery, basketball, field hockey, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, etc. The details of facilities provided for running 18 sports Training Centres are mentioned below

Training Centres

Major Achievements


Over 5500 employees participate in sporting events, health & fitness programs, and lifestyle management programs held through out the year.


1601 trainees were engaged through training centres and academies.
11 trainees got employment in the Army and the Jharkhand Police based on their exemplary performance at National/International events.

Focus on Affirmative Action

512 ST/SC boys & girls were provided training in academies and training centres.

Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar

Tata Steel is the only corporate in the country to have been awarded Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar by the Honourable President of India in the following categories:

  • Establishment & Management of Sports Academies of Excellence in 2009
  • Community Sports - Identification & Nurturing of Budding Talent in 2009
  • Financial Support for Sports Excellence in 2010

Major Events

Some of the major events that the Sports Department covers are as follows:

  • Summer Camp
  • JRD Tata Birth Anniversary Celebration
  • National Sports Day & Sir Dorabji Tata Birth Anniversary Celebration
  • Teachers / Coaches Day Celebration
  • Tata Steel Jamshedpur Run-a-thon
  • Jharkhand State School Games
  • Jharkhand State Boxing & Archery Championships
  • Inter Union Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton
  • Inter JDC Volleyball and Cricket
  • Tata Steel Bhubaneswar Half Marathon
  • All India Inter Steel Athletics Championship
  • 38th Junior National Archery Championship
  • MYAS National Games
  • S K Nanawati Cricket Tournament

Kolkata Run

With a unique distance that is farther than the half marathon - the 25K pushes you to stretch your body and mind beyond the comfort zone. The Tata Steel Kolkata 25K has given the professional and amateur distance runners, a platform to compete, shine and qualify to participate in other accredited races. While the 25K is the feature race, the event has unique distances to offer for every runner. The 10K for a runner willing to take up a challenging distance, the newly introduced Timed Ananda Run (5km) a colourful carnival to experience the spirit of Kolkata; for the silvers (participants who are 60 and above) the event offers the Senior Citizen Run (2.1km) and for individuals with any disability, there is the Champions with Disability category (2.1km).

Over 15,000 people signed up for the TSK 25, last time the race was held in Dec 2018.

Jamshedpur Run

Jamshedpur Run is conducted across 3 categories- 10 Km and 7 Km open for all and a 5 Km run for children (under-16 years of age as on November 10, 2019).

Bhubaneswar Run

The 5th edition of the Tata Steel Bhubaneswar Half Marathon (TSBHM), organised in association with the Sports and Youth Services Department of Government of Odisha, was held on 19th January 2020. TSBHM 2020 included three competitive races: 21-km (Half Marathon) for women and men of 18 years and above, 10 km for women and men of 15 years and above and 5 km for girls and boys between the ages of 12 to 16 years.

Angul Run

Tata Steel BSL successfully organised 2nd edition of Tata Steel BSL Run-a-thon 2020 on February 2, 2020 at Narendrapur, Dhenkanal, Odisha.

Noamundi Run

The third edition of Tata Steel Noamundi Run-a-thon, on the theme of ‘Run for a Greener Tomorrow’, was held on October 20, 2019 at the Noamundi Sports Complex in the West Singhbum district of Jharkhand.

Summer Camp

Further to inculcate the culture of Sports and Healthy Lifestyle at a very young age, amongst the kids of the Jamshedpur and other mining locations of Tata Steel, Tata Steel Conducts Summer Camp every year in the covering Sports of 19 disciplines. This enables the youth to get a feel of Sports and make Sports an integral part of their lifestyle.

In 2019, 3900+ participants took part in the Summer Camp. In 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown, Tata Steel conducted its 1st ever Online Summer Camp with which was made accessible across the globe through Tata Steel’s Corporate YouTube Channel. The Online Summer Camp garnered more than 42,000 views making it a success.

Roll of Honour




















Name Year Discipline Award
Ms Bachendri Pal 2019 Mountaineering Padma Bhushan


Name Year Discipline Award
Mr Charles Borromeo 1984 Athletics Padmashree
Mr Chuni Goswami 1984 Football Padmashree
Mr P.K.Banerjee 1985 Football Padmashree
Ms Bachendri Pal 1985 Mountaineering Padmashree
Mr Prem Chand Degra 1990 Body Building Padmashree
Mr Sourav Ganguly 2004 Cricket Padmashree
Mr Pullela Gopichand 2005 Badminton Padmashree
Ms Bula Chawdhury     2006 Swimming Padmashree
Mr Limba Ram 2011 Archery Padmashree
Ms Premlata Agarwal 2012 Mountaineering Padmashree
Ms Deepika Kumari 2016 Archery Padmashree


Name Year Discipline Award
Mr Pullela Gopichand 2001 Badminton Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna


Name Year Discipline Award
Mr Illyas Babar 1998 Athletics Dronacharya
Mr Ken O Bosen 1999 Athletics Dronacharya
Mr Sanjeeva Singh 2008 Archery Dronacharya
Mr Pullela Gopichand 2009 Badminton Dronacharya
Ms Purnima Mahato 2013 Archery Dronacharya


Name Year Discipline Award
Mr P.K.Banerjee 1961 Football Arjuna 
Mr Chuni Goswami 1963 Football Arjuna 
Mr Arun Lal Ghosh  1965 Football Arjuna 
Mr Kenneth .L.Powell 1965 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Parveen Kumar 1967 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Edward Sequeira 1971 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr.Shivnath Singh 1974 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Anjan Bhattacharjee 1974 Cricket Arjuna 
Mr Amar Singh 1975 Cycling Arjuna 
Mr T. Vijayaraghwan 1977 Basketball Arjuna 
Mr Subrata Dutta 1979 Powerlifting Arjuna 
Mr Suresh Kumar Mishra 1980 Volleyball Arjuna 
 Md. Habib 1981 Football Arjuna 
Mr Charles Borromeo 1982 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Dibyendu Barua 1983 Chess Arjuna 
Mr Ravi Shastri 1984 Cricket Arjuna 
Ms Bachendri Pal 1986 Mounteering Arjuna 
Mr Jaipal Singh  1986 Boxing Arjuna 
Mr Prem Chandra Degra 1986 Body Building Arjuna 
Mr Balwinder Singh 1987 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Bagicha Singh 1987 Athletics Arjuna 
Ms Mercy Kuttan 1989 Athletics Arjuna 
Ms Bula Chawdhury     1990 Swimming Arjuna 
Mr Limba Ram 1991 Archery Arjuna 
Mr Sanjeeva Singh 1992 Archery Arjuna 
Mr Cawas Billimoria 1993 Judo Arjuna 
Mr Moraad Ali Khan 1996 Shooting Arjuna 
Mr Ajit Bhaduriya 1996 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Raj Kumar Sangwan 1996 Boxing Arjuna 
Mr Sourav Ganguly 1997 Cricket Arjuna 
Mr Pullela Gopichand 2000 Badminton Arjuna 
Ms Dola Banerjee 2005 Archery Arjuna 
Mr Jayant Talukdar 2006 Archery Arjuna 
Mr K.M. Binu 2006 Athletics Arjuna 
Ms Chitra K. Somen 2007 Athletics Arjuna 
Ms Sinimole Paulose 2009 Athletics Arjuna 
Mr Deepak Mandal 2010 Football Arjuna 
Mr Rahul Banerjee 2010 Archery Arjuna 
Ms Deepika Kumari 2012 Archery Arjuna 
Ms Chekrowolu Swuro 2013 Archery Arjuna 
Mr Subroto Paul 2016 Football Arjuna 


Name Year Discipline Award
Mr Satish Pillai 2009 . Dronacharya

Participation by cadets of Tata Archery Academy, Tata Athletics Academy and Tata Steel Training Centres at National/Zonal/State level competitions.

Academy/Training Centre Level Medals
Gold Silver Bronze Total
Tata Archery Academy International 5 6 5 16
National 24 9 5 38
Training Centre & State 82 62 50 194
Feeder Centre National 9 18 16 43
Total 120 95 76 291