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Long-lasting, fire-resistant, sustainable - Tata Pravesh doors and windows are crafted for the environmentally-conscious buyer. Whether it's making wood-finished steel doors or ready-to-fit windows, Tata Steel strives to innovate, in turn addressing customer needs.

Tata Pravesh doors come with the strength of steel and the elegance of wood. If we were to describe them using numbers, Tata Pravesh doors are 4 times more secure and durable, 12 times smoother and 7 times more resistant to warping than other wooden doors.

Available in 35 different designs, you can even install sensors on these doors, this is not possible on wood. That's smart, isn't it? And the best part - no trees are injured while making these doors!

Tata Pravesh has been certified with Greenpro by CII – Green products and services council. Greenpro is a product certification which helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products. It is mark of guarantee that the product is environment friendly throughout its lifecycle. It empowers a customer with product knowledge and steer towards green, sustainable product.

Did You Know?

Tata Pravesh doors are made of high quality of steel that endures any kind of weather condition and automatically resists fire!

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