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Galvanova is the coating brand offered by Tata Steel in the Aluminum-Zinc alloy category. The BPR-ECA team successfully launched a new coated brand “Galvanova” on 23 November, 2020. The brand will be produced at TSBSL.


Galvanova has been launched to cater to the customers’ requirements of product longevity - superior corrosion resistance and performance in adverse environmental conditions. It will provide the option of RoHS compliant material (for specific segments) considering customers’ focus on sustainability. In line with customers’ requirement of product authenticity without visible branding, it will provide product identification through UV Ink (not visible with the naked eye).



  • Environment Friendly: 100% RoHS compliant
  • Enhanced heat resistance property
  • Authenticity: Brand name printed on the product (UV Ink Mark on the sheet)
  • Superior corrosion resistance: Salt spray test
  • Paint ability- excellent substrate because of Aluminum & thus readily paintable
  • Better return on investment, due to 4-5 times better life


  • Solar
  • White Goods
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • False Ceiling

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