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Tata Steel manufactures a range of steel products, encompassing hot rolled and cold rolled sheets, wire rod and wire, sections, plate, bearings and tubes, which serve a multitude of small engineering companies in India, Europe & SEA.

Gears, engines, motors, hydraulic systems, power generation are some of the areas that demand many engineering applications for steel.

The comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranges from routine testing through engineering services and custom-made plant & equipment to engineering consulting. Multi-disciplinary expertise relating to the design, manufacture and supply of high- precision equipment is offered to various industry sectors.

Tata Growth Shop (TGS) is a multi-disciplinary engineering complex that designs and manufactures heavy engineering equipment including special purpose Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes. TGS provides in-house design and manufacturing capability and also contributes to the capital projects of the Company.

Following brands cater majorly to this segment:
Galvano™ | Tata Steelium® | Tata Wiron® | Tata Bearings | Tata Astrum | Tata Pipes | Tata Structura | Tata Tiscon®