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At Tata Steel, every day, individuals and teams do things worth appreciating. Recognition provides us opportunities for the efforts of our people to be acknowledged. Whether it's the day-to-day accomplishments or above-and beyond results, we drive a sustainable culture of recognition where we celebrate individuals and the teams who are at the core of our success.

Steel Icons and Shabash

Steel Icons and Shabash are the central recognition framework for Tata Steel through which we appreciate our people for their extraordinary efforts. Our people are appreciated through simple yet meaningful exchanges ranging from simple thank you to formal rewards.

Long Service Awards

We believe in creating sustainable working relationships and long service awards are a special way to say thank you for working with us.

TQM awards

Special awards for excellence in TQM are given to our officers as we believe in continuous improvement.

Suggestion awards

We look for opportunities for improvements and our people who share suggestions are felicitated for sharing opportunities for improvement.