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Bridge the Gap With Strength.

The mammoth of a structure, Kanaka Durga Flyover is the longest flyover of Andhra Pradesh.It is a 2.6-km bridge which is made up of ~80% of Tata’s well-founded Steel

Tata Steel has supplied a whopping 2,000 tonnes of Low Relaxation Pre-Stressed Concrete strands (LRPS)

10,000 tonnes of TMT bars have been used for this colossal flyover in Vijayawada.

The strength of the steel has proved to be a major enabler in increasing the span between the pillars to 45 metres.

Did You Know?

The bridge is an amalgamation of three-way lanes on each side of the flyover; it is 78-feet wide and has an elevated corridor that includes six curves and two major turns.

"Driving on the Kanaka Durga flyover is a blissful experience to say the least. One can enjoy the overflowing Krishna River and Sri Kanaka Durga temple on the other side from the flyover and it makes for the perfect therapeutic drive that one would need."

- Ipsita Ghosh

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