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Give form to your ideas and concepts with the guidance of Tata Steel’s R&D experts.

If you're as smart as you think you are, here's your chance to win the opportunity to be mentored by top R&D experts at Tata Steel for a 2-month internship. Launched in 2014, Mind over Matter challenges the sharpest and smartest engineering students in the country's top institutes, with real-life problems related to steel-making. The winning teams are then invited to Tata Steel to create prototypes of their ideas under the mentorship of the Tata Steel R&D team.


  • Aritra Patra & Nihit Raj NIT Jamshedpur
  • Aditi Singh & Varun Kumar Jha NIT Jamshedpur
  • Pranav Pandey & Pratibha Patel BIT Mesra
  • Aditi Sinha & Soumyadeep Singha BIT Sindri
    1st runners-up
  • Anirudh Roy & Shikhar Ranjan NIT Raipur
    2nd runners-up
  • Jyoti
    BIT Mesra, Ranchi
  • Rishi Raj
    & Jaya
    BIT Sindri, Jharkhand
    1st runners-up
  • Ashwini Kumar
    & Anish Baranwal
    NIT Jamshedpur
    2nd runners-up
  • Shreya Sinha & Anamika Sinha BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
  • Nisha Sinha & Shubham Sinha NIT, JAMSHEDPUR
    1st runners-up
  • Shivani Agarwal & Vishal Dwivedi JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY
    2nd runners-up
  • Niharaika Singh & Kayenat Farheen BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
  • Venkata Ravi Teja IIT, MADRAS
    1st runners-up
  • Sankalp Sachdev & Kislay Jha BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
    2nd runners-up
Name College Project Title
Winners Mr Mukesh Kumar and Mr Vijay Anand IIT Kharagpur Segmented and Stacked Thermoelectric Modules for waste heat recovery during Continuous Casting.
First Runner-up Ms Priyanka Sinha and Ms Aarushee Agarwal NIT Jamshedpur Dephosphorisation of BOF slag using slag treatment and slow cooling techniques
Second Runner-up Mr Manish K Chandan and Mr Sourav Agarwal BIT Mesra, Ranchi Use of Density Gradient Centrifugation (DGC) for separation of coal macerals.
Name College Project Title
Winners Pranay Ranjan & Ambar Katyayyan IIT Jamshedpur Bio-Algal Gas Cleaning (Bio-AlGaC) System for Blast Furnace
Mentor Name: Mr. Omkar Avinash Shinde
First Runner-up Amlan Baishya & Gaurav Sinha IIT Roorkee Use 3D printing technology in refractory/high temperature ceramic application
Mentor Name: Mr. Raj Kumar Prince
Second Runner-up Sandeep Prasad & Sheeraz Zama Khan NIT Jamshedpur Pre-treatment of para-magnetic minerals for effective magnetic separation
Mentor Name: Mr. Sunil Kumar Tripathy