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Due to the current situation of COVID-19, we will have to postpone the ‘Mind Over Matter’ internship at our R&D facility.

If the situation improves, we will update you by July 2020 on conducting the internship during the Winter Break in December 2020.

Stay Tuned!

Give form to your ideas and concepts with the guidance of Tata Steel’s R&D experts.

If you're as smart as you think you are, here's your chance to win the opportunity to be mentored by top R&D experts at Tata Steel for a 2-month internship. Launched in 2014, Mind over Matter challenges the sharpest and smartest engineering students in the country's top institutes, with real-life problems related to steel-making. The winning teams are then invited to Tata Steel to create prototypes of their ideas under the mentorship of the Tata Steel R&D team.


  • Jyoti
    BIT Mesra, Ranchi
  • Rishi Raj
    & Jaya
    BIT Sindri, Jharkhand
    1st runners-up
  • Ashwini Kumar
    & Anish Baranwal
    NIT Jamshedpur
    2nd runners-up
  • Shreya Sinha & Anamika Sinha BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
  • Nisha Sinha & Shubham Sinha NIT, JAMSHEDPUR
    1st runners-up
  • Shivani Agarwal & Vishal Dwivedi JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY
    2nd runners-up
  • Niharaika Singh & Kayenat Farheen BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
  • Venkata Ravi Teja IIT, MADRAS
    1st runners-up
  • Sankalp Sachdev & Kislay Jha BIT, MESRA, RANCHI
    2nd runners-up
Name College Project Title
Winners Mr Mukesh Kumar and Mr Vijay Anand IIT Kharagpur Segmented and Stacked Thermoelectric Modules for waste heat recovery during Continuous Casting.
First Runner-up Ms Priyanka Sinha and Ms Aarushee Agarwal NIT Jamshedpur Dephosphorisation of BOF slag using slag treatment and slow cooling techniques
Second Runner-up Mr Manish K Chandan and Mr Sourav Agarwal BIT Mesra, Ranchi Use of Density Gradient Centrifugation (DGC) for separation of coal macerals.
Name College Project Title
Winners Pranay Ranjan & Ambar Katyayyan IIT Jamshedpur Bio-Algal Gas Cleaning (Bio-AlGaC) System for Blast Furnace
Mentor Name: Mr. Omkar Avinash Shinde
First Runner-up Amlan Baishya & Gaurav Sinha IIT Roorkee Use 3D printing technology in refractory/high temperature ceramic application
Mentor Name: Mr. Raj Kumar Prince
Second Runner-up Sandeep Prasad & Sheeraz Zama Khan NIT Jamshedpur Pre-treatment of para-magnetic minerals for effective magnetic separation
Mentor Name: Mr. Sunil Kumar Tripathy