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In line with our Founder’s philosophy of business enterprises being the drivers of social upliftment, all Tata Steel Group companies embody social responsibility in their vision.

At Tata Steel, our community-centric initiatives emphasise the spread of quality education, healthcare and sustainable livelihood opportunities in all our operating locations in India and globally. We empower communities through agriculture development and market linkages, skill development of youth, promoting entrepreneurship and preservation of ethnicity and culture of indigenous communities.

At Tata Steel, we firmly believe the health and welfare of our people, the community and society, as a whole, is intrinsic to our approach to business.

Balancing economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social benefits for the community are the rules by which Tata Steel operates.


In India, we are partnering with our community and all other stakeholders in our journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.

We endeavour to preserve and promote tribal culture and heritage through various initiatives including tribal leadership programme, Samvaad tribal conclave, tribal language centres, curated tribal literature programmes, imparting training on tribal musical instruments and documenting stories of tribal legacy. In healthcare, we partner with governments and independent organisations worldwide to work towards improving the overall health and hygiene of the community in and around areas where we operate.

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FY 2021-22 CSR Programmes approved by the Board of Directors of the Company for the Financial Year 2021-22
FY 2020-21 CSR Programmes approved by the Board of Directors of the Company for the Financial Year 2020-21


Tata Steel Thailand is one of the first 30 companies that joined UNICEF in Child Friendly Business in “The Children Sustainability Forum” to make a commitment in protecting children's rights.

Tata Steel Europe’s Community Partnership Programme ‘Future Generations’, with sub-themes of education, environment, health and well-being, works across the UK, assisting job and wealth creation by supporting small and medium businesses with finance and business premises. To know more, click here