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Contributing positively to the quality of life of people and communities is fundamental to our approach to business.

From its very inception, Tata Steel has been a showcase for worker welfare schemes. Today, the Human Resource Management function is a strategic partner in our business. We firmly believe that people are our greatest asset and we adopt best practices to ensure healthy employee relations, employee growth and development as well as work satisfaction.
We have, over the decades, implemented trendsetting policies and continue to pursue our ambition of becoming an employer of choice. 


Tata Steel has been pioneering worker welfare schemes and community initiatives before the legislation mandated them

Our belief in employee welfare is corroborated in the several ‘firsts’ in employee welfare measures that Tata Steel introduced over time. In India, these include the 8-hour Work Day at our Jamshedpur plant in 1912, the Leave with Pay scheme in 1936 and the Workers’ Provident Fund Scheme in 1920 – all of which were subsequently adopted by the International Labour Organisation and enacted by law in India. 

Besides Paternity Leave, Work from Home and Extended Maternity Leave, our other initiatives include Mosaic, a Diversity & Inclusion platform that emphasises meritocracy, gender diversity, a friendly infrastructure for differently-abled employees and increased participation of women in senior leadership.

Tata Steel targets to achieve gender diversity with 25% women* and 25% diversity mix (Affirmative Action (AA)/Persons with Disabilities (PWD)/LGBTQ+) in its workforce by FY 2025-26.

*Subject to change in regulations (pertaining to allowing women to work in night shift)

Employee Support Programmes

Our efforts have won us the Great Place to Work® recognition for the seventh time in Manufacturing and we have featured amongst the top 30 companies in India for our people first approach, diversity and inclusion, and agile working model initiatives.

Agile Working Models

  • Agile working model is a pioneering initiative by Tata Steel to provide flexibility and to foster a culture of trust and outcome-based performance. There are 2 working models:
    • Under flexi work from home model, an employee can work from any number of days from the base location. Whenever there is a requirement to be physically present in the office, the employee will have to work from the office.
    • Under absolute work from home (AWFH) model, an employee can work from home for any number of days from any location of choice within India.
  • Childcare facilities or contributions
    • Creche facility at workplace: Tata Steel takes efforts to ensure that while you are at work, your child is being well looked after/ gets a place for lactation. We have our own, company run top end creche facility in various locations. And at places where we don’t have, we have tie ups with 3rd party creche providers.
  • Travel on company business with kids: Primary caregivers can take their kid to the location outside the base city for critical work related to business if accompanied by an attendant to ensure the safety and security of the child. Maximum of two children below the age of 5 years will be permitted to travel along with their primary caregiver.
  • Improving the experience of childcare: We have curated handbooks for managers and caregivers to join hands to celebrate “Moments that Matter” and to support team members transition through this momentous phase of their lives, address concerns and to help primary caregivers professionally and personally in this new phase of life.

Child Adoption Assistance

  • Tata Steel’s Gender-Neutral Adoption Leave policy supports you by offsetting the legal, agency and regulatory costs involved like Adoption fees from bonafide adoption agencies, Legal fees resulting from the adoption process, Registration fees from local, State or National governmental agencies, Travel expenses for the adopting parent and/or child if travel is required for the adoption process etc.
    • Entitlement - ₹ 70,000
  • Adoption Leave: You are giving a child a chance for a bright future. We want to support you at the outset of this journey you wish to entail. Eligible employees are entitled to adoption Leave with full pay for a total period of 12 weeks, on adoption of a child of age 5 years or less. Eligible primary caregivers are entitled to Adoption leave (Max 2 times and availed in one instance without a break).

Paid Family or Care Leave Beyond Parental Leave

  • Eligible officers are entitled to maternity leave with full pay for a total period of 26 weeks. Up to a maximum of four months of additional leave may be granted to an officer who is unable to resume duty on the expiry of maternity leave on production of medical certificate.
  • Surrogacy leave of 12 weeks is entitled to a commissioning mother from the date when the child is handed over to a commissioning mother and full maternity leave of 26 weeks will be granted to a delivering mother, in case either of them are Tata Steel employees.
  • Childcare leave: To aid you in looking after your child of 5 years or below, Tata Steel provides you with childcare leave (CCL) of 15 days every year. This is given at the start of the year and proportionately credited if you have joined us in the middle of a year. Primary and non-primary caregivers with children of up to 5 years of age are entitled to CCL of 15 days on full pay every year.
  • Up to 10 days continuous leave with full pay within 6 months of birth of a new baby or adoption of a child of age 5 years or less. Primary and non-primary caregivers are entitled to newborn parent leave.
  • Nursing Break: We support you in maintaining a hassle-free balance between childcare and work. A primary caregiver can, in course of daily work schedule, take four breaks of 30 minutes (or two breaks of 60 minutes in special cases) duration for nursing the child until the child attains the age of fifteen months.

Take Two: Second Career Programme

  • Second Career programme is a platform that enables women who have taken a career break to return to the corporate world on their terms.
  • Provides them a plethora of career options to choose from, so that they can work when they want, where they want, on the project they want and at the pace they want. Part time working – GIG working model
  • We aim to institutionalise a model of engagement with Tata Steel wherein individuals’ operating as freelance / independent contractors, can be engaged on short term / project based / hour based etc. “assignments” as per “GIG model of contracting”
  • The emoluments of the candidate appointed as GIG resource will be in the form of fixed amount contract fee based on hours of engagement/ days of engagement/ per month as applicable for the equivalent position they are being hired.
  • Engagement under Gig contract model includes
    • Short term project-based assignments having a fixed duration (less than one year), positions where full time engagement is not required
    • Positions requiring specialized/niche expertise
    • Positions where outcome with periodic milestones is clearly defined or positions where duration of involvement can be clearly defined or measured

The UK and Europe

The European Works Council meets on a regular basis to provide a forum for discussion of significant issues which may affect employees. Tata Steel has signed on with the UK Government’s Social Mobility Business Compact, which aims to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfill his or her potential according to merit. Click here to know more.


Tata Steel Thailand enhanced the human resource management in various areas such as orientation and mentoring for new joinees; welfare and benefits improvements with the TOGETHER Programme; feedback initiatives from the Labour Union, Employee Committee, Welfare Committee, etc., to improve remuneration and facilities; knowledge sharing session to build workforce capability; and a continuous emphasis on feel-good initiatives to keep morale high.