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Contributing positively to the quality of life of people and communities is fundamental to our approach to business.

From its very inception, Tata Steel has been a showcase for worker welfare schemes. Today, the Human Resource Management function is a strategic partner in our business. We firmly believe that people are our greatest asset and we adopt best practices to ensure healthy employee relations, employee growth and development as well as work satisfaction.

We have, over the decades, implemented trendsetting policies, the most recent being the first in the manufacturing industry to have a 5-day work-week. We were also declared as the ‘Best Place to Work in the Core Sector’ in the Business Today, India Survey 2016.

Besides Paternity Leave, Work from Home and Extended Maternity Leave, other initiatives include Mosaic, a Diversity and Inclusion Campaign that emphasises meritocracy, gender diversity, a friendly infrastructure for differently-abled employees and increased participation of women in senior leadership.

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