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Smart Innovation for A
Better Tomorrow.

Tata Steel’s Sm@rtFAB is a prefabricated welded wire mesh solution aimed at raising productivity standards and catering to customised project requirements of special nature, redefining concepts of time and efficiency.

Sm@rtFAB helps in design optimisation and material saving upto 30% leading which can provide significant cost savings.

Sm@rtFAB eliminates cutting and bending wastages at site which enables site management.

Sm@rtFAB’s mechanical anchorage at each welded wire intersection and the ribbing pattern provide better bonding and stress transfer from concrete to steel.

Did You Know?

Sm@rtFAB’s thin wires with closer spacing ensure homogeneity in the section and eliminate the chance of displacement or omission of steel bars during concreting, thereby enhancing & alleviating the structural integrity.

"The Sm@artFAB is Tata’s novel product which redefines innovation and strength"


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