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Safety Leadership Development Centre

A state of art world class facility, ‘Safety Leadership Development Center’ was commissioned to enhance the competency of the workforce & providing safety induction training. Further to this for business continuity management during emergency situations ‘Tactical Centre’ was established. The new facilities were inaugurated by Mr N Chandrasekaran, Chairman Tata Sons.

Vendor Capability Development

To improve safety capabilities of vendor partners, various inputs on safety management systems & sharing of best practices with vendor partners is conducted on a periodical basis.


‘SUMILAN’ is a thematic communication by senior leadership with contractors and their employees. It involves two-way communication with contractor partners and their employees on a selected theme based on the current safety performance of the organisation. It also captures Safety & Health related suggestions and concern from the contractor partners and their employees.

Joint Mass Communication Programme

A Joint Mass Communication Programme is a two-way communication conducted by senior leadership for contract employees. This programme aims to enhance the involvement of workforce in the ‘Safety Excellence Journey’ of Tata Steel.


To build a safety culture at the grass roots level, SAFE Clubs have been formulated in all the schools in and around Jamshedpur. These SAFE Clubs focus on Road Safety, Disaster Management, Child Abuse, Cyber Security, Emotional Safety, Health & Hygiene, Fire Safety etc.

Focused safety campaigns are rolled out time to time for inculcating safe behavior as well as to address Tata Steel’s current major safety concerns. We identify gaps at the work place and subsequently bridge those gaps to make the workplace safer, with the ultimate objective of zero harm. In the recent past, thematic safety campaigns on Positive Isolation, Material Handling, Zero Harm to Contractor Employee, Elimination of Commonly Accepted Unsafe Practices(ECAUP) have been organised.

Safety campaign (Material Handling and Storage)

Based on the analysis of incidents , periodic Safety Campaigns are taken through out the Tata Steel Location. Material Handling and campaign was taken up to identify and eliminate hazards pertaining to material handling. Outstanding performance in terms of individual, department and division were rewarded during closure function of the campaign.

Safety Campaign (Elimination of Commonly Accepted Unsafe Practices)