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Tata Steel has a multi-product portfolio to cater to the complexity of multiple supply chains in the global materials handling sector.

Reliable and consistent steel quality is essential for the assurance of safety, the avoidance of costly machine downtime and the delivery of critical properties such as exceptional wear resistance in service. Tata Steel is the preferred supplier for many large players in the Material Handling sector, which manufacture machinery used in the movement or extraction of materials. This includes heavy construction and earth moving equipment, mining machinery, cranes and fork lift trucks, as well as agricultural and forestry equipment, and trailers.

All of these sub-sectors are highly steel intensive and require a wide range of steel products including high strength steel strip and plate, hot and cold formed hollow sections, special profiles, engineered steel bar and tubes etc.

Following brands cater majorly to this segment:
Tata Bearings | Tata Astrum