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Committed to the conservation of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity and the abatement of climate change impact, Tata Steel aspires to set the Steel industry benchmark in ‘Environment Performance'.

Tata Steel is committed to environmental protection and responsible use of natural resources. The Company aims to be the benchmark for environmental stewardship in the steel industry. The board level Safety, Health & Environment Committee reviews and guides us on environmental issues. Various mining and manufacturing locations of the Company has implemented environmental management systems those meet the requirements of ISO 14001. Our stakeholders have high expectations to elevate our performance to best-in-class level in sustainable manner. The Company pursues improvement initiatives to address stakeholder requirements & prepare for the future challenges and practice responsible advocacy.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues the world faces today and the Company recognises its obligation to minimise its contribution to climate change. The Company aims to play a leadership role in addressing the challenge of climate change. The Company recognises that, though steel is considered a ‘hard to abate’ sector globally, it will be an integral part of the solution to climate change because of its infinite recycling properties.