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Having served the automotive & boiler industry for decades now, Tata Precision Tubes strives to serve its customers with not just the finest of products but with a delightful experience. With advanced production facilities, excellent technical support, stringent quality control measures, Tata Precision Tubes is one of the most preferred and reliable brands today.

Products and Services


Stringent quality control for best-in-class output


High performance product for high quality output

General Engineering

Wide range of products for a wide range of applications


Tata Precision Tube plants are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities run by highly skilled workforce. Tata Precision Tubes is supported by robust supply chain, logistic capabilities and product delivery expertise, and provides exclusive service for the automotive OEM & ancillary customers, establishing a mutual partnership through the VMI service model.

  • In house R&D integrated with resources across the Tata Steel Group across the globe
  • In-house steel making, hot rolling and cold rolling facilities to provide wide range of steel grades
  • Warehouses and service centres across the country
  • Online Customer Complaint Handling Process (CCHP)
  • In-house design expertise for hydroforming component
  • Development of new grade of steel in line with customer specifications
  • Customised tube length as per customer specifications