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Be Vigilant. Be Safe. 

Tata Steel has taken cognisance of the fact that people posing as representatives of the company are duping potential customers. This is being done by attempting to sell false deals and products claimed as Tata Steel products at steep discounts. In some cases, imposters are also trying to extract advance payments. 

If anyone approaches you in an attempt to sell Tata Steel products, please do verify the authenticity of the source. Please note, we sell our products only through our certified dealers & distributors, official company portals and our e-commerce site ( As a company policy, we do not take any advance payment from our customers. 

We urge you to be cautious in your transactions and protect your hard-earned money. If you are a recipient of any suspicious claim or offer, please do not hesitate to clarify, or inform us on our toll-free number 1800 108 8282. 

Verify before you buy!