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We endeavor to avoid negligence through our safety management system to ensure a safe workplace for our employees and achieve zero LTI or fatality.

The Tata Steel Health and Safety Policy is the foundation for driving safety consciousness in the Company. A robust management system framework and a sound safety governance structure drive the policy. To achieve the corporate objective of ‘Committed to Zero LTI (Loss Time Injury)', six long-term safety strategies have been prioritised and are being implemented through Apex Safety Sub-committees across the organisation. The progress is monitored and reviewed at different levels.

  The 6 Safety Strategies:

  1. Build (safety) leadership capability from senior leaders to front line supervisors
  2. Develop the competency and capability of all employees to proactively identify hazards and manage risks to prevent safety incidents
  3. Ensure contractor safety risk management
  4. Ensure road and rail safety risk management
  5. Process safety management, integrated emergency response, infrastructure integrity management
  6. Occupational health/industrial hygiene (OH/IH)

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