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Ms Bachendri Pal is the Chief of Adventure Programmes at Tata Steel Jamshedpur and is also the Director of the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF), a premier Institute in India promoting Adventure Programmes & Leadership Development courses among youth and women as well as corporates, Institutes and other organizations. Ms. Pal, the first Indian woman to conquer Mt. Everest in 1984, is widely recognised for her pioneering role in planning, organising & leading pathbreaking expeditions for women. She is also known for her innovative pursuits over three decades in developing Leadership skills through Adventure Expeditions. The Prime mover of any organisation, society or nation is its people and she has made many a leader benefiting them and in turn those whose lives they have touched.

Born on May 24, 1954, in Uttarkashi Ms. Pal did her Bachelor’s Degree in 1978 and Master’s Degree in 1979 both from Garhwal University. She completed the Outdoor Educators’ Course from Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuit Centre in New Zealand and pursued Leadership development Programmes from the Outward Bound Trust Ullswater Cumbria UK. She has also visited many outdoor schools round the World, that have have helped her develop, design and deliver Leadership Skills to professionals, management/technical students, rural youth and the underprivileged.

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1990 Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records

Padma Bhushan Award


Poonam Rana

Poonam, 21 years hails from Nald village in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. She was spotted by Ms Bachendri Pal while doing programmes from Kuflon Base Camp and engaged to take care of the Base Camp. She bravely and honestly went about her duties putting in lot of hard work. Her fighter attitude prompted Ms Pal to develop her further. She completed Basic and Advance mountaineering courses from NIM Uttarkashi with Aye Grade. In April 2017 she also trekked to Everest Base Camp 17598 ft. To train her further TSAF sent her to Mt. Aconcagua, (22,837 ft) the highest peak in South America. Poonam reached the Summit of Everest on 21st May 2018.

Sandeep Toliya

Sandeep Toliya is working with TSAF for more than 10 years as Sr Instructor. He has done Basic and Advance mountaineering courses and Method of instruction course from HMI and NIM. He successfully completed the arduous 3 month Outdoor Educator Semester at National Outdoor Leadership School , USA, as well as the trip leader course at NOLS, Ranikhet. He has climbed quite a few peaks in Himalayas prominent being Mt Bhagirathi 2, Mt Rudugaira, Mt Kanamo, Stok Kangri as well as reached the Karakoram Pass. To train him further TSAF sent him to Mt. Aconcagua, (22,837 ft) the highest peak in South America. Sandeep reached the Summit of Everest on 21st May 2018.

Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha, 31 yrs of age lost her left limb in a train accident in April 2011. It is while she was in AIIMS New Delhi that she decided to take hold of her life and not let pity take over. She had heard of Bachendri Pal the courageous mountaineer and the first thing she did on coming out of the Hospital was to head towards Jamshedpur. Ms Bachendri Pal has always championed the cause of women and looking at Arunima’s determination said, ‘you have already achieved 50% of your goal…balance 50% would require training.’ The rigorous training and the support system given to her enabled her to show great tenacity and resilience to eventually reach the Summit of Everest on 21st May 2013. Not one to sit idle she set her sights on climbing the other six highest Summits of the Six Continents to become the first challenged person to reach the “7 Summits”. She has already covered six highest peaks of the 6 continents.

Premlata Agarwal

Premlata Agarwal’s initiation into Adventure came by chance. After TSAFs Hill Walking Event in Dalma Hill competing with women half her age and getting third position, she met Ms Bachendri Pal who boosted her morale tremendously saying “Age is no Bar”, if you want to do something worthwhile in life. There was no looking back. Premlata is mother of two daughters and balancing both household and adventure she completed Adventure/Basic/and Advance Courses from National mountaineering Institutes. Premlata Agarwal reached the Summit of Everest on 20 May 2011 becoming the oldest Indian woman of her age at 47 yrs to do so. Thereafter she went on to climb the 6 other highest Summits in the Six Continents, becoming the first Indian Woman to scale the “Seven Summits”. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 and Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in 2017.

Susen Mahato

Susen Mahato, 51 years (comes from Rural Jharkhand i.e. village Paharpur in Rajnagar Block of Seraikela Kharswan District). He was working as a teacher in his village before he decided to meet Ms Bachendri Pal seeking better prospects in life. He was educated and was eager to carve out a place as a field staff. Thus, began his career in TSAF in the year. He proved his mettle by completing the Adventure Course and Basic Mountaineering Course from HIM Darjeeling with A Grades in 2002. Thereafter he did the Advance Mountaineering Course, the Search and Rescue Course and the Method of Instruction course in the next few years from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering all with A Grades. He participated in the Adi Kailash Expedition (17000 ft) and Chamsher Kangri Expedition (21798ft) in 2007 & 12 respectively. Ms Bachendri Pal seeing his performance and wanting to train the TSAF Instructional staff provided him the opportunity for attempting Mt. Everest. Vigorous training followed for one year, which ultimately resulted in success. Susen reached the Summit of Everest on 19 May 2013 at the age of 45 yrs.

Hemant Gupta

Hemant Gupta (29 Yrs) hails from Kota Rajasthan. His first tryst with adventure came through his successfully completing the one month Basic Mountaineering Course from the National Mountaineering Institute in Manali. TSAF thereafter included him in the TSAF organized Chamser Kangri Expedition in which he reached upto 21100 ft. His love for adventure made him pursue with Tata Steel Management for joining the Adventure Programme Dept. which he joined ultimately in Sept. 2013. Since then he has climbed Mt Aconcagua (22860 ft) - Highest peak of America (one of the seven summits) in 2015, Mt Bhagirathi II (21310 ft) in Gangotri region, Climbed Island Peak (20400ft) in Nepal, Mt Kanamo (19600ft) in Spiti Valley of HP Himalaya. He reached the Summit of Everest on May 27, 2017 at the age of 27 years, one of the very few IITians to have done so.

Ms Binita Soren

Ms Binita Soren was 25 years when she reached the Summit of Everest on May 26th alongwith Meghlal and R S Pal. She hails from Kesorsora village of Rajnagar Block in the District of Seraikela Kharswan. Though educated she was an unemployed youth at that time. TSAF was instrumental in motivating her and giving her exposure in adventure programmes through which she completed the Basic and Advance mountaineering courses from HMI Darjeeling & NIM Utarkashi with Aye Grades.

Mr Meghlal Mahato

Mr Meghlal Mahato was 30 years when he reached the Summit of Everest on May 26th. At that time he was an educated unemployed youth hailing from Paharpur village Rajnagar Block of Seraikela Kharswan District. TSAF motivated him to participate in adventure programmes and provided him all opportunities through which he completed the Basic and Advance mountaineering courses from NIM Utarkashi with Aye Grades. He was further trained for Everest during the course of which he climbed Mt Stok Kangri 20305 ft, Mt Saser Kangri 24331 ft and the highest peak of South America 22900 ft Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.

Mr Rajendra Singh Pal

Mr Rajendra Singh Pal, Manager Adventure Programmes Tata Steel, was 53 years of age when he reached the Summit of Everest in May 2012. Perhaps the only Indian of his age at that time to reach the Summit. He has an impressive adventure and mountaineering profile. He has done his skiing courses from Gulmarg and Manali with Aye Grades, Mountaineering courses from HMI Darjeeling & ABVMI Manali with Aye Grades, He has climbed several peaks in the Himalaya prominent being Mt Sri Kailash 22,744 ft, Mt. Kamet 25447 ft (reached upto 23000ft), Black Peak 20956 ft, , Mt. Sudarshan 21346 ft. He was also a member of Millennium Indian Everest Expedition (East Ridge Tibetan side) reaching upto 22000 ft.

Swarnalata Dalai

Swarnalata Dalai, is 20 years old is a rural youth from Jajpur Odisha. Her talent was spotted by TSAF Instructors during the trials conducted by TSAF for the Biju Patnaik Himalayan Expedition to Darwa Pass 13500 ft. She thereafter climbed Mt. Rudugaira 19100 ft performing well. During preparation for Mt ‘Everest she trekked to Everest Base camp, and underwent various high altitude treks in Himalayas including Roopkund 16000 ft. To train her further TSAF sent her to Mt. Aconcagua, (22,837 ft) the highest peak in South America. Very few from Odisha have climbed Mt Everest before. Swarnlata reached the Summit of Everest on 21st May 2018.

Ms Bachendri Pal

Ms Bachendri Pal joined Tata Steel on Dec. 22 , 1983 and went on to climb Mt. Everest on 23 May 1984 becoming the first Indian Woman to do so. What she has done after Everest ’84, she considers it as higher than Everest. Today TSAF feels happy to have trained and sponsored 10 Mt. Everest Summiteers under Ms Pal’s leadership. What is more the Indian Women’s Everest Expedition of 1993 which Ms Pal led saw 18 members from a single expedition reach the Summit of Everest, the highest number in the annals of mountaineering in the process creating 7 world records. The entire INWEE Team of 22 members was given the First National Adventure Award (presently known as the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award). There have been many other pathbreaking expeditions that Ms Pal has led. For her total dedication, commitment and loyalty to the cause of developing the people of our country particularly the youth and women, she received the third highest civilian Award of Padma Bhushan on March 16, 2019. She is also recipient of 3 more National level Awards viz. the Arjuna Award, the Padma Shree and the Tenzing Norgay National adventure Award. In her case “True measure of one’s worth includes all the benefits others have derived from your success”.