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India’s leading brand in the roofing industry, Tata Shaktee Galvanised Corrugated (GC) sheets are manufactured using world-class technological expertise and are stronger and more durable than other ordinary GC sheets.

Products and Services

Tata Shaktee Standard GC sheets

Tata Shaktee GC sheets give you the twin benefits of superior quality and super savings.

Tata Shaktee Wide GC sheets

With 13 corrugations and a width of 910 mm, Tata Shaktee GC sheets are 13% wider than standard 800mm GC sheets.

Tata Shaktee Wider GC sheets

Economical GC sheets in the Indian market with 15 corrugations and a width of 1220mm. This is the only brand that produces 4 ft. wide GC sheets.

Tata Shaktee Roof Junction

A roofing solution service that offers branded roofing accessories for individual house-builders. Click here to know more.


Tata Shaktee GC sheets are manufactured to the exact parameters of thickness, length, width and zinc coating as per the specified requirements. Tata Shaktee Wide GC sheets and Wider GC sheets are more cost effective since fewer sheets are required.

  • Even corrugations ensure perfect overlapping, which results in perfect weatherproofing.
  • High tensile strength ensures greater resistance to natural forces like hailstorms and other external forces.
  • ISI certified under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Vast network of dealers, distributors and sales offices across the India
  • Pre and post-sale customer assistance

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