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Today Challenges
Tomorrow Overcomes

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, weather-proof and maintenance-free - Nest-In introduced easily deployable quarantine and isolation cabins made from steel and Tata Structura during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is yet another example of Tata Steel’s resolve and efforts to strengthen the nation’s healthcare infrastructure for a safer tomorrow. Sure, we make steel.But #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow

Our Nest-In one-stop, modular construction solutions are easy to install and pro-nature.

Nest-In is an enabler in growth through its steel-based modular construction solutions and today, it serves over 26 States in India and helps create a better life for millions of Indians.

We have an extensive range of innovative and fast construction solutions that can be customised according to the needs of the buyer.

Did You Know?

Tata Steel’s Nest-In supplied Isolation & Quarantine cabins for a 551-bed isolation facility, spanning 80,000 square feet, in just 60 days.

"In a matter of 2 months, the Nest-In team completed everything. We did not face any disturbance, the team was very professional. Total experience has been very nice!"

- Neena Gupta

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