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Tata Steel manufactures specialised steel for a wide variety of products in the consumer goods industry, including domestic appliances, electronics and furniture.

In a rapidly growing economy when customers are getting more quality conscious and demanding every day, Tata Steel makes sure that it keeps renewing its product range with customised developments and innovations to suit specific requirements. The Company manufactures and processes steel for a wide range of customers across the Consumer Goods sector worldwide. These include domestic appliances, manufactured goods, packaging and many other applications.

These products are primarily used in white goods, lighting, furniture, office equipment, and IT hardware. Customers in this sector want a variety of quality products - often customised to suit their specifications - reliability and flexibility in supply and service; innovation, and technical support to provide them with differentiation and competitive advantage. To cater to this, Tata Steel has organised its product and service offerings to be market focused and reflect specific market needs.

Following brands cater majorly to this segment:
Galvano™ | Tata Steelium® | Tata Tiscon | Tata Wiron® | Tata Pipes (Tata Tubes) | Tata Bearings | Tata Shaktee | Durashine | Tata Agrico