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We may be the leading producers of steel, but we are also committed to responsible operations and continuous improvement. Our steel is used to make the world's most sustainable buildings and infrastructure and we also support the performance of the most efficient vehicles in the market. We are committed to designing superior products that are lighter, that last longer and that use fewer resources to produce.

Tech Smart

Implemented ‘Connected Workforce System’ to drive contract workforce safety & real-time dashboards using analytics to provide insights on employee cost, diversity and productivity.

Top Quarter

NatSteel operates one of the world's most energy efficient steel operations and is in the top 25% for CO2 emission for Electric Arc Furnace operators

126 Hectares

That's the mined land we have reforested at Noamundi using innovative techniques, planting 5,000 saplings in each hectare


That's the capacity of India's first Photo Voltaic Solar Power Plant in a mining location that we commissioned at Noamundi. m3 of rain water in FY20


In FY 2019-20, integrated steel operations at Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar abated 0.5 MnT of CO2 by implementing process improvements and energy conservation projects.


Effluent discharge for TSJ stood at 0.24 m3/ tcs and for TSK stood at 0.86 m3/ tcs. As a responsible corporate we are working to becoming a Zero Effluent Discharge Company by 2020.

Building Smarter Cities


That's the number of LED Street Lights we have installed across Jamshedpur. We have also installed facilities to control loss of electricity and water.


Jamshedpur is one of the first cities to have Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) for its smart city IOT initiatives in the field of Power, water and waste management operations.

Metro & Airports

World-class metro systems, ultra-modern airports, a nation on the move - India's mass transport revolution is a resolve to surge ahead. Tata Steel's LRPC strands and Tiscon ReadyBuild have helped shape 8 metro rail networks. Tata Structura - Steel Hollow Sections have played a part in creating 32 modern airports. Along the way, accelerating today towards tomorrow.

Burj Khalifa

163 levels, 829.8 metres tall, a benchmark for skyscrapers - the Burj Khalifa is a triumph of human ingenuity. Installed at the very top of this iconic structure, Tata Steel's ComFlor® 80 composite floor decking has played a part in making this engineering monument possible. Elevating today for tomorrow.

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Doors And Wardrobes

Long-lasting, fire-resistant, sustainable - Tata Pravesh doors and windows are crafted for the environmentally-conscious buyer. Whether it's making wood-finished steel doors or ready-to-fit windows, Tata Steel strives to innovate, in turn addressing customer needs

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Hyperform ® Automotive Steel

Hyperform® automotive steel - 800 MPa strength, 20+% lighter, more flexibility for cutting-edge design - champions a mission to lower vehicular CO2 emission without compromising on safety. Tata Steel drives collaboration with partners for performance and for the environment. For the tomorrow that coming generations deserve.

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Alternative Materials

Extraordinary strength, super lightweight, incredibly corrosion-resistant - Fiber Reinforced Polymers and Graphene, materials beyond steel, are ushering in a new era of technological advancement. From electric vehicles to medical equipment, they represent avenues where Tata Steel is enabling possibilities for tomorrow.

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Bandra-Worli Sea Link

8 lanes wide, 4.7 kilometres long, dominating the Arabian Sea - the Bandra-Worli Sea Link makes a difference to the lives of millions. Tata Steel's state-of-the-art and durable LRPC strands have played a part in building this engineering marvel. Linking today with tomorrow.

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Kalinganagar Steel Plant

Maximum steel output, minimal carbon footprint, a commitment to our planet -Tata Steel's Kalinganagar Plant is designed to make technology serve the environment. It is Tata Steel's tribute to the unbounded spirit of new India. And the promise of good for tomorrow. Sure, we make steel. But #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow.

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Leadership Speak

Our mission is value creation with sustainability at its heart. Watch Tata Steel leaders talk about how we are focusing on path-breaking solutions for a sustainable and better tomorrow.

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