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Sustainability is a core principle embedded in our business philosophy and is backed by a long-term, holistic vision of achieving identified targets. This year, we urge individuals to #RestoreTodayForTomorrow, which is concurrent with the UN theme for World Environment Day, ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore. - #GenerationRestoration’, a reminder to stop plundering and start protecting the planet’s resources.


Our goal is to join hands as a community and support the UN Decade 2021-2030 for #EcosystemRestoration by preventing, halting and reversing the damage.


Thank you.

We have received a total of   13321   Pledges

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Our Initiatives

CRM Bara Pond, Jamshedpur (Restore)

Dalma View Point, Jamshedpur (Recreate)

Niche Nesting, Noamundi (Reimagine)

Jubilee Park and Zoological Park, Jamshedpur (Recreate)

Jugsalai Muck Dump, Jamshedpur (Reimagine)

Pundi Park, West Bokaro (Restore)