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Tata Agrico, the oldest brand of Tata Steel, is a pioneer in superior quality agricultural implements. Since 1925, it has been the leading manufacturer of handheld implements like hoes, shovels, sickles, crowbars, pickaxes and hammers. These implements cater to the needs of agriculture, infrastructure as well as mining sectors.

The division is constantly expanding its product offerings by launching new products and variants under different categories to provide best of products and services to its customers.

Products and Services


The high quality of Tata Agrico products makes them the first choice in agricultural equipment procurement both in the public and private sectors alike:

  • Distributed all over the country through a wide network of Distributors & Dealers
  • Committed to sustainable management of the environment and of finite resources
  • Modern methods of manufacture and strict supervision at every stage of manufacturing
  • Guarantee of consistently high quality and durability
  • Guaranteed against manufacturing defects
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

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