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Explore Design Innovate with Tata Steel MaterialNEXT

The world of Tata Steel is one without boundaries - growing, changing and challenging, a world that embraces different skills, continuous innovation, sustainable growth and a better quality of life.

Tata Steel’s sustainable growth and technology leadership aspirations are driven by innovation in multiple areas primary among them being in the domain of New Materials beyond Iron and Steel. At Tata Steel, we are actively pursuing research in Advanced Materials.

Tata Steel Advanced Materials Research Centres (TSAMRC) have also been established to achieve this aspiration, one at Chennai in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM), and the other at Bengaluru, in collaboration with the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS). The objective of these Centres is to work closely with academia and other centres of expertise to strengthen the portfolio of advanced material research and its applications.

With ever emerging needs, requiring new generation of materials or technologies around the world, Open Innovation approaches are gaining importance and are being increasingly adopted by organizations to feed their innovation funnels to address the problems/challenges identified.

MaterialNEXT, an Open Innovation event hosted by TSAMRC is an effort to increase the richness factor of the innovative ideas in advanced materials domain. Explore Design Innovate with Tata Steel MaterialNEXT.

MaterialNEXT is a flagship event by Tata Steel across Pan-India and is based on key themes/challenges already pre-identified by Tata Steel.

MaterialNEXT 3.0 (2022)

MaterialNEXT 3.0 has 2 parallel tracks for participation:

  • Research Track
  • Start-up Track

MaterialNEXT 3.0 also has 4 Challenge/Theme Areas open to both tracks.

This year, the themes are around innovation in sustainability and materials domain. There are two areas each in these two-broad domains. Further, multiple sub-areas have been identified in each area from current and future industry relevance.

Ideas and proposals are invited in these sub-areas through research or start-up track after registration. Please refer the eligibility and rules below, before registering in applicable track.

The event would consist of 3 Major Phases: Selection, Performance and Finale. After registration by teams, the Selection Phase is a 2-stage process of an online screening followed by discussion-cum-evaluation stage, conducted by subject matter experts. The selected entries will progress to Performance Phase. Performance Phase ends with an evaluation (Pre-Finale) round.

The Selected entries from this phase qualify for the Finale Phase and will be called for the Gala Grand Finale to decide winner and runner-up. Please refer the depiction below on event details and timelines.

Winner and runner-up teams from both the track gets awarded with cash prizes. Also, post-event mentorship and grants for next level of development will be provided, if applicable.

MaterialNext 3.0 Event Details

MN3.0 Challenge/Theme Areas & Mentors


Novel recovery & recycling process for waste materials. The treatment method must be scalable and easy to implement.
✓ Recycling of GFRP and CFRP composites
✓ Coating (Sn, Zn, Pb, Al etc.) removal from loose and baled scrap
✓ Automated Mechanical Sorting of Ferrous Scrap based on surface coating, shapes & size: Optical Sorting, Density Sorting etc. for segregation of various types of ferrous scrap
✓ Process design for recovery of rare earth metals (Cerium, Neodymium, Europium etc.) from various E-waste (Hard Disks, Screens, Permanent Magnets etc.): Hydrometallurgy / Pyrometallurgical / Electrorefining / Filtration / Bio-leaching etc.
✓ Process flow sheet for Platinum Group Metals (PGM) & Sliver refining from metal concentrates (sponge): Efficient recovery of individual metals (pure metal form) from concentrates of PGM & Sliver obtained post electrorefining of E-waste
✓ Separation of Tin, Flourides, Chlorides & Bromides from E-Waste: Removal of Flourides, Chlorides & Bromides from organic material of E-waste
✓ Mechanical sorting of E-waste: Commercially viable sorting techniques (optical, density, eddy current etc.) for separation of various metallic and non-metallic streams of dismantled & depopulated E-Waste (mixture of plastics, copper, aluminium, ferrous, components such as capacitors, transistors, resistors, etc.)
✓ Process Design for recycling of Li-Ion batteries: Recovery & refining of Nickel & Cobalt from Li-Ion batteries


Novel process for efficient utilization. The process must be better than current state-of-the arts in terms of efficiency and energy consumption.
✓ Process of separation H2 from a H2 & N2 mixture
✓ Method of converting CO2 to CO
✓ Process of separation CO from a CO & N2 mixture
✓ Efficient process of Green H2 generation
✓ Efficient Process of H2 storage and/or transportation


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Using New & Alternate methods and materials.
✓ As Binder/Cement

  • Clinker free/ Low carbon/ Alkali activated/ Novel mineral admixtures
  • Using Composite/ High volume slag/ High volume fly ash

✓ As Aggregate/ Concrete

  • Novel aggregate (sand, coarse aggregate) / High performance Concrete/ Concrete for aggressive environment (sewer, acidic)
  • Industrial / processing waste utilization
  • Construction Demolition waste utilization

✓ Additive Manufacturing process

  • For Steel structural sections using WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing)

✓ Coating (Low VOC/Anti-scratch/ Dent Resistant/ Self cleaning/ color changing/ Hydrophobic)
✓ Dynamic glazing (Smart glass)
✓ Novel Construction Technologies (Additive Manufacturing, Prefabrication, FRP Rebar etc.)
✓ Unique Design & Materials for Façade – easy to install, good ventilation, noise cancellation, temperature insulation


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Innovative application of nano materials.
✓ Application of Graphene/2D Materials as

  • Self-sterilizing air filters
  • Triboelectric Nanogenerators (TENGs)
  • Ballistic composites for light-weight fabric for body armor
  • Printed electrodes for supercapacitors

✓ Battery/ Supercapacitor/ Fuel cell
✓ Water Remediation


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