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The Ferro Alloys and Minerals Division, commonly known as FAMD, is the largest non-steel business unit of Tata Steel. With chrome and manganese ore reserves in the mineral rich state of Odisha, FAMD has set up an integrated value chain, commencing with mining, beneficiation, production and sales of Ferro alloys. It is also the leading manganese alloy producer in India and is a leading supplier of dolomite and pyroxenite.

Products and Services

  • The Ferro Alloys and Minerals Division offers three brands under its umbrella - Tata Tiscrome, Tata Silcomag and Tata Ferromag.
  • Tata Tiscrome is widely used as an alloying agent in the production of carbon and stainless steel since it offers corrosion resistance and increasing life of the stainless steel. Available in customised sizes through a network of authorised distributors across the country, Tata Tiscrome guarantees superior quality and composition.
  • Tata Silcomag is India’s first branded Silico Manganese launched by Tata Steel. The product comes with the guarantee of restricted carbon, sulphur and phosphorus - thus reducing the cost of refining and achieving the desired specifications.
    Silcomag offers a range of benefits such as timely on-site delivery, consistency in size and guaranteed availability through its Priority Replenishment Service.
  • Tata Ferromag is a Ferro Manganese brand launched to fulfill the long-felt market need for consistent Ferro Alloy with a guarantee of perfect composition, weight and size. It is available in customized sizes of 10-50, 10-60, 10-150 and 50-150 mm.


  • Extensive network of own and partner plants with state-of-the-art furnaces.
  • We have expertise in all end to end requirements including shipping, documentation etc.
  • All plants ISO 9000 (2004 version), ISO 14000, and SA 8000 certified.