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Redefining Today for A
Better Tomorrow.

London Eye, the 443 foot marvel standing tall on the banks of the Thames River, is a giant Ferris wheel - containing Tata Steel Celsius® structural hollow sections LRPC strands and Tiscon ReadyBuild have helped shape 8 metro rail networks. Tata Structura - Steel Hollow Sections have played a part in creating 32 modern airports. Along the way, accelerating today towards tomorrow..

Tata Steel’s very own Hartlepool and Corby sites in England made steel tubes for this iconic structure.

There are 32 capsules or one for each of the London boroughs. Each capsule weighs 10 tons or a whopping 20,000 pounds (9000 kgs).

Ever since the colossal structure opened in 2000, it has welcomed more than 50 million visitors.

Did You Know?

London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. What does that mean? The Eye is supported by an A-frame on just one side, and the carriages are outside the wheel rim instead of hanging low, all thanks toTata Steel’s fine grain steel, and the Celsius® range.

"The light show at the London Eye is one of the most anticipated moments during festivities, the light accentuate the glorious structure of the glorious Ferris wheel."

- Ankita Ghose

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