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Sl No. Name of Subsidiary Company PDF
1 ABJA Investment Co. Pte Ltd.
2 Adityapur Toll Bridge Company Limited
3 Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited
4 The Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd.
5 Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited
6 Haldia Water Management Limited
7 Kalimati Global Shared Services Limited
8 Mohar Export Services Pvt. Ltd
9 NatSteel Asia Pte. Ltd.
10 TS Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd.
11 Rujuvalika Investments Limited
12 Tata Steel Mining Limited
13 Tata Metaliks Ltd.
14 Tata Steel Long Products Limited
15 T Steel Holdings Pte. Ltd.
16 T S Global Holdings Pte. Ltd.
17 Orchid Netherlands (No.1) B.V.
18 The Siam Industrial Wire Company Ltd.
20 Tata Steel Europe Limited
21 Al Rimal Mining LLC
22 TSMUK Limited
23 T S Canada Capital Limited
24 Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited
25 Tata Steel International (Shanghai) Ltd.
26 Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Ltd.
27 Tata Steel Manufacturing (Thailand) Public Company Limited
28 T S Global Procurement Company Pte. Ltd.
29 Tata Steel Advanced Materials Limited
30 Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited
31 The Tata Pigments Limited
32 The Tinplate Company of India Ltd.
33 Tata Steel Foundation
34 Jamshedpur Football and Sporting Private Limited
35 Bhubaneshwar Power Private Limited
36 Angul Energy Limited
37 Tata Steel Support Services Limited
38 Bhushan Steel (South) Ltd.
39 Tata Steel Technical Services Limited
40 Bhushan Steel (Australia) PTY Ltd.
41 Bowen Energy PTY Ltd.
42 Bowen Coal PTY Ltd.
43 Bowen Consolidated PTY Ltd.
44 Creative Port Development Private Limited
45 Subarnarekha Port Private Limited
46 Ceramat Private Limited