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Jamshedpur Carnival to start with Carnival Parade

Jamshedpur, December 16, 2017

The Jamshedpur Carnival is all set to start on December 18, 2017. It will begin at 2.00 pm from Jubilee Park with the Carnival Parade headed by the legendary figure of King Momo. The Parade will make it’s way to the Gopal Maidan.

For those wondering who is King Momo, he is the titular head of a carnival parade, and His Highness will be at the head of the Jamshedpur Carnival Parade 2017 that will wind its way through the town, starting at Jubilee park and ending at Gopal Maidan, to kick off four days of dance, music, food and fun, in a fete that is open to all.

This visit by King Momo makes Jamshedpur a very special town indeed, since it is possibly the only place outside of Goa, where this Latin American tradition comes alive! The tradition of King Momo comes to us from cities like Rio de Janiero which are famous for hosting the biggest and most spectacular carnival celebrations in the world. Every major carnival has a King Momo, who is often given the symbolic key to the city. Typically, a tall and rotund man with a smiling joyful face and a prominent belly, King Momo is like a tropical Santa Claus who serves as the harbinger of carnival festivities, much in the way Santa brings in Christmas.

At the Gopal Maidan, starting 5.30 pm will be the Dance Festival and Celebrity performance by top rated Indian troup "Zenith". The Jamshedpur Carnival promises to bring quality entertainment for the whole family.