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Jamshedpur, December 19, 2017

Day Two of the Jamshedpur Carnival found the city again at Gopal Maidan, this time, for a musical evening and community performances. The evening began with the orchestra playing the evergreen hit, Yeh Shaam Mastani. Next came a rousing starter by 18 contestants of the evening's singing competition, a medley to ring in Sa Re Ga Ma.

The first part the of evening's programme featured the ever-popular local Sa Re Ga Ma competition. The judges were all accomplished singers, Tandra Mukherjee of Jamshedpur Women's College, Devanada Sharma, Debashis Chatterjee and Varnali Ghosh.  The six teams named after the saptswars-- seven notes, were Shadaj, Rishabh, Ganadhar, Madhyam, Pancham and Dhywat. As in previous years, the performers were shortlisted from the total pool of aspirants, numbering 660 this year, aged 12- 20, from around the city, who auditioned at Dhatkidih and Bhalubasa Community Centres.  The first round of selection narrowed this number to 50, while the second round of selection brought up the 18 finalists, who performed in six teams of three members each. The evening was full of songs from Hindi movies, classical and contemporary, melodies from Bollywood's yesteryears as well the latest hits, along with regional songs in Bhojpuri.

For Jiren Topno, the organizer of this part of the carnival, "Meeting and listening to the eager youth was a great experience. There is so much talent here, that the second round of selection was really tough for us. It was so hard to screen out some of the participants".

Earlier, backstage in the green room, excitement and nervousness were both in evidence as the young artistes practiced on the spot.

The talent was clearly evident as the audience was treated to some flawless renditions of Bollywood numbers as well as Sufi inspired songs by contestants as young as 12 and 13.

The second part of the evening featured a fashion show  and a community showcase called Colours of India, that featured costume cameos from around India, showcasing the ever cosmopolitan nature of the city.

The last part of the evening's program featured musical performances by a JUSCO team, and many local VIPs, including SDO Law and Order Mr.Subodh Kumar, VP Corporate  Services  Tata Steel Sunil Bhaskaran, GM Jusco, Captain Dhananjay Mishra, followed by  prize distribution for Sa Re Ga Ma contestants.


Painting Competition: 10.00 am

Master Chef: 11.30 am onwards

Rock Band Competition and performance by top Celebrity Band "Lagori" : 5.30 pm