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Tata Steel recruits women security guards at OMQ Division

Jamshedpur, June 24, 2016

Tata Steel’s OMQ Divison for the first time has recruited women security guards for safety and security of its employees. Tata Steel recruited 5 women security guards at Noamundi and 3 at Joda recently. The 3 women security guards are deployed at Joda Hospital and the women guards at Noamundi are deployed at the office of GM, Cooperative store and Noamundi Hospital. These women security guards are trained in self-defence, fire safety, first aid,etiquette, and handling security instruments.

As more and more women join the mining locations, there is a need to have women security guards as it becomes easy to communicate certain problems amongst women. This is one step to ensure safety of women in the workplace. “Times have changed. I am happy to join Tata Steel as the women security guard. This place offers me an opportunity to grow in a field which was never meant for women earlier,” says Ms Rina Behera, one of the new recruits.

Tata Steel respects uniqueness of individuals to create a diverse and Inclusive atmosphere in order to be competitive in business by having access to a larger talent pool. Tata Steel focuses on improvement in Diversity Ratio by increasing the intake of female employees via campus and lateral hiring. The company identifies Hi-Potential female officers and their subsequent development for leadership roles via mentoring schemes and leadership development workshops.

Name of the Women Security Guard Location
Sumitra Kumari Birua Joda
Uma Rokaya Joda
Sarathi Soren Joda
Rina Behera Noamundi
Manjulata Kalandi Noamundi
Deeparani Sethy Noamundi
Puja Ram Noamundi
Hemaningi Naik Noamundi