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Tata Steel launches carpooling app for its employees

Jamshedpur, April 15, 2016

Whether its Employee Benefit schemes, Industrial Relations, Product Innovations or Marketing Savvy, Tata Steel has shown the way. In yet another first, Tata Steel in India has become the first company in the manufacturing industry to take a definitive step towards a Greener tomorrow by rolling out a secure carpooling platform for its employees.

Tata Steel has partnered with Bangalore based start-up PoolCircle for this initiative. The app provides an exclusive platform for Tata Steel employees to pool rides with their colleagues across India. The app was launched by Mr Anand Sen, President TQM & Steel Business, Tata Steel on 13th April. On the occasion of the launch Mr Sen reached out to all employees of Tata Steel and encouraged them to embrace the initiative.

This initiative of Tata Steel has come on the eve of the Delhi Government’s second phase of odd-even rule coming into effect. This will enable Tata Steel employees at Delhi and NCR to pool rides with colleagues ensuring a hassle free commutation to and from work.

With the vehicle pollution reaching alarming levels, world leaders are searching for long-term answers to reduce congestion and air pollution. Heavy populated countries, like India and China, are at a higher risk. Tata Steel acknowledges the challenge and is committed to taking strides towards a greener and safer environment. Tata Steel expects that the move will help reduce vehicular traffic at Jamshedpur and Kolkata, where it has the highest number of employees.

Tata Steel believes this initiative will be instrumental in bringing down the number of cars on city roads (especially at Jamshedpur, Jajpur and Kolkata where the employee base is high), reduce congestion, parking issues, pollution levels and carbon footprints, while also fostering collaboration amongst employees by traveling in groups.