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Tata Steel launches Tata Structura

Jamshedpur, December 15, 2005

Tata Steel’s long-term commitment towards providing solutions to the construction and the infrastructural needs of the country, as also with a view towards equipping the architect , engineering and the consultant fraternity with a new age and a contemporary construction product – the new brand of Tata Structura was launched .

Tata Structura was launched at the AEC Expo at Mumbai on 14.12.05 by Mr.Anand Sen , Vice President (Flat Products ) ,Tata Steel , in the presence of the glitterati of the architect ,consultant and engineering fraternity nationally and internationally and showcased innovative usages of the product through structures made out of steel hollow sections by such renowned architects and designers like Hafeez Contractor , Ajantha and Ravi Sen Pooviah , Dhananjay Dake ,Sen Kapadia and Sameep Padora .While dedicating the brand to the architect , engineering and consultant fraternity , Mr. Anand Sen commented that there was a need to take rapid strides in the construction sector in view of the burgeoning population and hence the need for more and more habitable spaces . The construction sector today constitutes about 7% of India’s GDP and is growing at the rate of 7- 8 % every year.

He said that internationally, the trend has been towards minimalist designs with wide spans and uncluttered spaces. Designs that are environment friendly but aesthetically superior. Designs that can be executed with ease & economy, but which can withstand the test of time. This new brand will be all about aesthetics and power of strength in the structures of tomorrow. Tata Structura –the new brand - is a superior construction material available in various sizes and thickness- facilitating strength and elegance in constructions. The product promises:

a) Higher strength of steel leading to lower weight and lesser cost for the project
b) Higher ductility - lower brittleness
c) Higher toughness

Given the above Tata Structura is the right arsenal in the armoury of the architect, engineer and the consulting fraternity to make India stand out in the built environment in the world.

From its very inception in 1907, Tata Steel has been committed to the growth and development of the infrastructure and construction sector in India. Today, the portfolio of its brands covers an entire range of product categories that are of critical relevance to the construction industry:

· Tata Shaktee- GC sheets for roofing
· Tata Tiscon -First TMT re-bars for concrete construction
· Tata Wiron - Galvanized & PC strand wires
· Tata Pipes - Pipes for construction

Apart from the above, the company also owns brands like Tata Bearings, Tata Agrico – all of which contribute to the economic development of the country. Recently the company has also signed a joint venture with BlueScope Steel – which aims to cater to the needs of the construction industry in India.