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Workshop on "Technological Breakthrough in Metallurgy"

Jamshedpur, December 05, 2002

Technology as a creative process needs be discussed amongst all professionals. It has perhaps assumed more importance than in the past in this age of free accessibility to information and even knowledge.The creative processes in technology thus hold the key to competitive success says Dr. A K Das, Chairman, Jamshedpur Chapter - Indian Institute of Metals in his opening remarks.The history of metallurgy dates back to the copper age.The copper age, owing to major technological breakthrough, changed into Iron Age, which is continuing. It is a series of technological breakthrough, which kept metallurgy alive. According to the Convener of the Workshop, Dr. Surya Kumar Singh of Tata Steel this workshop was organised by Jamshedpur  Chapter - Indian Institute of Metals to highlight the major developments in field of metallurgy by the eminent professionals engaged in metallurgical industry and research.The objective of the workshop was to make the practicing metallurgists aware of the breakthrough and also to enthuse them to think creatively to make the processes more efficient, products more customers friendly and the environment cleaner.

The workshop started with the welcome address of Prof. S. P. Mehrotra, Director, National  Metallurgical Laboratory followed by the inaugural speech given by Mr. B. Muthuraman, Managing Director, Tata Steel.Mr Muthuraman said that " Jamshedpur was the home of metallurgy and that metals were ubiquitous but often forgotten as of the most important elements in our lives." He further said that " though there was a competition amongst the  metals but the steel is still dominating inspite of various substitute that  has come up. The need for continuos innovation and breakthrough in metallurgy to maintain the primacy and usefulness of metals in the service to mankind at the lowest possible cost". Dr. Amit Chatterjee (Chief Technology  Officer - Tata Steel) the first speaker talked about latest trends in iron and steel making highlighting the path breaking innovations in this field. Continuous casting of steel is considered to be a great leap forward and Prof. S. P. Mehrotra covered the important developments in this area. Dr. A.K. Das (Chief, Flat Products Technology Group - Tata Steel) spoke on the subject of creativity and the very process of technological breakthrough particularly its psychological and social aspects. Major achievements have taken place in the production of high and very high strength steels in the  recent past. Dr.O.N.Mohanty (Chief, R&D and Scientific Services - Tata Steel) emphasised on the new high strength steel products. Mr. C. Mishra (Chief, Mechanical Technology Group -Tata Steel) covered the topic on innovation in maintenance practices, which has given rise to significant improvements in the equipment availability and production.

The workshop ended with the short concluding session with a brief summary of the talks and feedback from the participants. It was well attended by professionals, scientists and academicians from Tata Steel, Telco, TCIL, NML and Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur.