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ISO 14001 EMS Certification to Tata Steel's Growth Shop

September 21, 2001

Tata  Steel's Growth Shop was today granted the ISO 14001 certificate for Environment Management System. Mr.S S Tyagi of Indian Quality Register System presented the certificate to Mr. B Muthuraman, MD Tata Steel.

The ISO 14001 certificate granted to the Growth Shop for all its activities covering  manufacturing,  testing  and  delivering   of  plant   equipment in cranes. The  Growth  Shop   is  the eighth division of Tata Steel to be ISO 14001 certified   and  this  is a reaffirmation of Tata Steel's firm belief that   better environment management leads to superior business performance. Earlier,   Noamundi  Iron  Mines,  West  Bokaro Collieries, Joda Ferro Alloy Plant,  Sukhinda  Chromite   Mines, Joda East Iron Mines, Tubes Division and Jamshedpur  Steel  Works. The first integrated steel plant to achieve this distinction.