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Tata Steel installs Chair Lift Man Riding System and Centralised Compressed Air Plant at its Sijua Colliery

Jamshedpur, December 08, 2016

In order to improve safety, ergonomics and productivity of workers at underground mines, Jharia Division of Tata Steel installed two facilities- Chair Lift Man Riding System and Centralized Compressed Air Plant at its Sijua Colliery.

The Chair Lift Man Riding System was inspected today by Mr P K Sarkar, Deputy Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) in the presence of Mr Sanjay Rajoria, General Manager (Jharia), Tata Steel, Mr G L Kanta Rao, Deputy Director General (Electrical), Mr Sanjibon Roy, Director, DGMS Mr Shubra Bagchi, Director DGMS and other Directors and Deputy Directors of Central Zone DGMS.
The Centralized Compressed Air Plant was inaugurated by Mr Sanjay Rajoria.

Mr Sarkar appreciated the efforts of Tata Steel in ensuring safety of its miners and providing a better solution of movement inside the mines. He said: "Tata Steel has pioneered several employee welfare initiatives; introducing the Chair Lift Man Riding System at Sijua being the most recent one. This will reduce fatigue of our miners, which is one of the leading causes of accidents in underground mine."

Mr Rajoria, said: "Introduction of appropriate technology is key to the success of underground mining. We are introducing mechanisation in our underground mines to address issues like productivity, safety, ergonomics and environment and at the same time ensure that coal is produced at a competitive price."

Chair Lift Man Riding System in underground mines has brought down the travelling time and fatigue of miners working in underground, thereby increasing productivity, reduction in fatigue and improved safety. The system spans over a length of 1.3 km with two 90-degree and one 55-degree curves. The system can carry 160 persons at any point of time and can transport upto 410 persons per hour. Transport of men and materials into the farthest and deepest seams is one of the major challenges in underground mines. Proper and effective transport system saves lot of time and improves efficiency. Chair Lift Man Riding System is the rapid, safe and comfortable solution when it comes to transporting persons fast, over long distances, including horizontal and vertical curves in underground mines.

The Centralized Compressed Air Plant consists of two sets of high capacity air compressors, supplying compressed air at high pressure to various underground locations of Sijua Colliery through a 300 meter borehole from surface to underground and with nearly 3 km piping network. This plant has replaced 12 small air compressors installed in underground mines. Its benefits include reduction in heat generation in underground mines, thereby improving comfort level, 100% elimination of noise due to multiple compressors in underground, faster drilling operation, improved level of safety of working personnel, reduction on electrical energy consumption and increased reliability and reduction in cycle time of drilling by about 7%.

The Division installed the first Chair Lift Man Riding System in Jamadoba Colliery in 2012. It has introduced chilled water-cooling, refrigeration and ventilation systems to combat increased working temperatures in underground mines. In order to eliminate hazards of multiple small air compressors in underground mines, Jharia Division will install similar centralised air compressor plants in all the collieries. Also, similar man riding systems are being set-up at Digwadih and 6&7 Pits Colliery.

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