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Tata Steel Advanced Materials Research Center now at CeNS Bengaluru to develop prototyping solutions

Jamshedpur, October 03, 2016

Tata Steel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Centre For Nano and Soft Matter (CeNS) Bengaluru to set up the Tata Steel Advanced Materials Research Center (TSAMRC) at CeNS.

This initiative is in the light of Tata Steel being entrusted with the responsibility of developing a long-term strategic roadmap in the area of advanced materials.

Dr. G. U. Kulkarni, Director CeNS said that TSAMRC stands for growing relations of CeNS with Tata Steel and industries in general, which in the near future should pave the way to enhanced translational activities leading to nanotech products.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Anand Sen, President (Total Quality Management and Steel Business), Tata Steel Limited, recalled that Tata Steel has been collaborating with CeNS in recent past to develop anti-corrosion solutions using novel graphene technologies. The aim is to take this work beyond steel into smart substrates that can be integrated into automotive and construction solutions. The Centre will draw on the expertise and experience of the rich faculty at CeNS and its world class experimental facilities and will strive to create prototypes and pilots that can be taken up not only by Tata Steel but also by other companies in the Tata Group.”

The occasion was also graced by Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, Group Chief Technology Officer, Tata Sons. Dr. Katragadda remarked, “The Advanced Materials Research Center at CeNS would help shorten the lab to pilot phase of product development using nanomaterials including graphene for market applications. He was confident that the Tata – CeNS centre will attract the best of talent to work on cutting edge materials technologies.”