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Tata Main Hospital organises a workshop for teenagers

July 02, 2016

Department of Psychiatry, Tata Main Hospital has started a programme for teenagers namely “TEEN BUDDY” under the guidance of Dr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal. The objective of the initiative is to deal with many issues like ‘How to cope with pressure of studies, failures, and conflict with friends, motivation, relationship issues’.

As part of this initiative the department conducted a workshop for the students of AIWC Academy of Excellence, Bardih. Mrs Sreemanti Sen was Chief Guest on the occasion.She lauded the effort of TMH and emphasized the need for more such programmes. She also had few words of advice for children that they should have very defined goal.

Exam stress, expectation and pressure to perform from parents and teachers, failure in exam,relationship, and peer pressure are well known factors from which today’s teenagers have to deal with. Sometimes extreme things like violence and suicide happens. If such children get timely help and guidance a lot of problems can be prevented.