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Tata Steel hosts Annual Education Excellence Award Function

Jamshedpur, May 02, 2012

Tata Steel Education Excellence Award function was hosted at XLRI Auditorium in the gracious presence of chief guest, Dr Y S Rajan, Dr Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor, ISRO Headquarters and Chief Mentor, ISRO Strategy Group, and guest of honour Mr HM Nerurkar, Managing Director, Tata Steel. Dr Rajan takes a keen interest in education and is the author of several books on science, technology and education.

34 schools including 27 schools from Jamshedpur and 7 from out locations participated in the education excellence assessment this year. A total of 161 trained assessors-including principals, teachers and officers from Tata group of companies, guided by 5 mentors carried out the comprehensive task of assessing these schools. 16 of these schools received commendation awards at the award function.

The schools were also awarded for ‘Education Quality Improvement Projects’ (EQUIP) this year. Out of a total 55 EQUIPs, eight were recognized at the award function. Another category of recognition was ‘Good Practices of Schools’. All 21 schools which participated in the Good Practices Exhibition held in Feb 2012 were recognized.

While addressing the audience, Dr Y S Rajan said, “This is the kind of programme that India requires to develop on a large scale in the next five years at different locations. Excellence is an outcome which is achievable after a span of 15-20 years unlike in industrial production. Schools need not be bothered about their scores coming down as while climbing the greatest peaks one often needs to descend before ascending again.” He further added, “To have an all round development not only private schools, but also Government institutions should consider participating in programmes such as this.”

Mr Nerurkar congratulated the award winners and participating schools. He said that the essence of excellence is participation and improvement and awards are stepping stones for the greater journey. Earlier while welcoming the audience, Mr Sanjiv Paul, Chairman, Tata Steel Education Excellence Programme (TEEP) and Vice President (Corporate Services) spoke about the evolution and growth of TEEP programme. He emphasized that TEEP is enabling Jamshedpur to become even better place to work, attract and retain talent. Awards were given away by Dr YS Rajan and Mr HM Nerurkar, Managing Director, Tata Steel.

Mr NK Sharan, General Manager, Tata Quality Management Services, conducted the entire function. Mr Rajan expressed his happiness at the good work being done by Tata Steel and TQMS. Mr NK Sharan delivered the final vote of thanks at the end of the function.

Also present on the occasion was Mrs Daisy Irani, Mr AM Misra, Vice President (CSI & IR), Tata Steel; Mr TV Narendran, Vice President (Safety and Flat Products); Mr Arun Misra, PEO, Tata Steel; Mr Senthil Kumar, Chief Human Resource Officer, Tata Steel; Dr TP Madhusudanan, General Manager(Medical Services), Tata Steel; Shri Raghunath Pandey, President, Tata Worker’s Union; Shri Rakeshwar Pandey, President, Tata Mazdoor Union; other senior officials of Tata Steel and members of union. The programme was also attended by a large number of Principals, teachers, students and managing committee members of more than 40 schools, senior government officials, senior executives of Tata Group of Companies, union leaders, retired executives, and senior citizens.