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Tata Steel organises Tata Ferroshots Grand Prix

Mumbai, July 27, 2016

Tata Steel’s IBMD (Industrial Byproducts Management Division) today organised a team building activity known as ‘Tata Ferroshots Grand Prix’. The objective of the event was to foster trust amongst employees, learning effective strategies & enhancing problem solving skills.

Tata Ferroshots Grand Prix is IBMD's marketing campaign which details the territory wise sales compliance of its latest product, Tata Ferroshots. Tata Ferroshots is granulated pig Iron solidified by cooling in water. The end use of Tata Ferroshots is in electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, cupolas, basic oxygen furnaces and foundries as a replacement of pig iron, scrap or DRI. Its inherent properties lead to better yield, higher productivity and lower energy cost. The process of manufacturing is environment friendly and safe.