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Tata Steel inaugurates Rest Shelters and Bio-Toilets for contract workforce

June 28, 2016

With the aim to provide better civic amenities in iron ore mines, Tata Steel has set-up Rest Shelters and Bio-Toilets for its employees on contract. About 45% of the total employees working in iron ore mines of Tata Steel comprises of the contract workforce. These were inaugurated today by Mr M C Thomas, GM (OMQ), Tata Steel in the presence of Tata Steel employees.

Tata Steel has set-up 5 Rest Shelters (3 in Noamundi and 2 in Joda), including one specifically for women contract employees in Noamundi. Facilities inside these Rest Shelters include seating arrangement in addition to attached bathrooms, place to drink water and wash hands. These Rest Shelters uses an innovative, affordable, durable and eco-friendly construction solution developed by Tata Steel under the brand `Nest-In’ and uses the Nest-In methodology for wall construction. These Rest Shelters provide a comfortable and conducive work environment for contract workforce engaged in different iron ore mines of Tata Steel.

In a major step to improve hygiene among the contract employees, Tata Steel has also set up 6bio-toilets of single unit, twin type and triple type both for men and women at different locationsspread across Noamundi and Joda. These bio-toilets, again uses the Nest-In methodology for construction and has a bio-digester for solid waste disposal. The bio-digester technology is completely eco-friendly and green rated product. This technology requires no dependence on the limited and costly conventional energy sources and saves space, energy, environment, time and good health. These Bio Toilets have been set up in open space where conventional toilets aredifficult to build due to remote locations.

Owing to its wide adaptability, efficient functioning and environment sustainability, the Nest-In Bio-Toilets are capable of alleviating the issues concerning open defecation in India, thus playing a critical role in preventive healthcare as well.

Speaking at the inauguration Mr M C Thomas, GM (OMQ), Tata Steel said: “It has always been ourconstant endeavour to provide better workplace environment for our employees on contract. Weare deeply concerned about their health and hygiene. Hence, we believe that the need of the houris to create awareness and bring the best possible workplace facilities here in our mininglocations. Towards this purpose, we have set-up the rest shelters and bio-toilets so that efficiencyat work and hygiene both can be met at priority.”

The provision of providing safe, healthy and hygienic workplace and parity in all amenities foremployees on contract also complies with SA8000 which is an auditable certification standard,modelled on ISO standards, that encourages organizations to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.