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Tata Main Hospital organizes Workshop for Teenagers

June 18, 2016

The Department of Psychiatry, Tata Main Hospital today organized Workshop “Teen Buddy” for students of class 11th at TMH auditorium. Chief Medical Indoor Services, Dr D P Samaddar welcomed the chief guest and the participants. He spoke about the significance of such programmes in spreading awareness. Mr Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice-President Corporate Services was the chief guest for the event.

Mr Bhaskaran appreciated the initiative taken by the Dept. of Psychiatry of TMH. He emphasized that every child has the potential to be successful and has the capability to go to IIT’s and IIM’s.The event was attended by 120 students from DAV public school. Among the other dignities present were Mrs Pragaya Singh, Principal, DAV public school Bistupur, and senior doctors from TMH

Dr Agarwal explained the turmoil that the teenagers undergo during this age. The major issues during this age are academic pressure, acceptance in peer group, self-image, self-esteem and relationship with parents. He discussed at length how to deal in such situations. The children should not label themselves as incompetent. He spoke that during this age, self-esteem and body image are important, before you except others to accept you, you should accept yourselves unconditionally. Another important issue is failure in life, he emphasized that failures are temporary setbacks or disappointment not disaster or catastrophic. We judge people by their behavior but sometimes people can have good behavior with bad intentions. In parent- child conflict, the child should remember that the intentions of the parents is never bad for the them but approach or behavior can be an issue, some may believe in more punishment while others may use a collaborative approach.

This workshop was conducted to help teenagers cope more effectively with stress and to remediate a number of specific problems associated with stressful situations.