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Tata Steel secures long-term deal to supply aerospace steels to Safran Group

June 19, 2013

Tata Steel has secured a long-term agreement to supply aerospace steels to Safran Group, the world-class manufacturer of aircraft, rocket engines, propulsion systems and aircraft equipment.

The five-year agreement gives Tata Steel responsibility for supplying all aspects of Safran’s aircraft-quality steel requirements worldwide, including remelted steels, both direct to Safran Group companies and to its subcontractors. The initial value of the contract is in excess of £9 million per year, with prospects for this to grow during the life of the agreement.

The success follows the commissioning in 2012 of two new Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) furnaces at Tata Steel’s Stocksbridge works in South Yorkshire and the opening last year of a second aerospace service centre in China. VAR furnaces enable the production of ultra high purity steels by improving the material’s chemical and mechanical properties so as to meet the exacting standards of the world’s most demanding applications, such as energy exploration and generation, as well as aerospace.

Mark Broxholme, Managing Director of Tata Steel’s Speciality Steels business, which produces the company’s range of aerospace steels, said: “We have a long and successful record of supplying aerospace quality steels into the Safran Group. This is a significant award for Tata Steel and continues our long-term commercial and technical relationship with an important customer in this demanding market sector.”

Jean Claude Begue, Safran’s Lead Buyer - Machining Bars, said: “It is fantastic news today to sign our long-term agreement with Tata Steel. Their brand in the aerospace sector is very well respected and up there with the best in the industry."
Andrew Parker, Commercial Director of Speciality Steels, said: “This agreement has been won after Safran benchmarked us against multiple global suppliers and allows us to formalise a longstanding and successful relationship.

“The agreement covers both mill direct businesses to Safran Group as well as supply into their subcontractor supply chains. Our aerospace service centres in Bolton, UK, and Suzhou and Xi’an in China are well positioned to service the needs of these networks and deliver additional value to the customer.”