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Tata Steel installs Rainwater Harvesting Structures

July 01, 2013

Due to rapid urbanisation, ground water level has receded drastically in the recent years. This has resulted in scarcity of water. The issue of water scarcity can only be addressed by conserving water that comes to us through rains. In the recent years, rainwater harvesting has emerged as one of the most sustainable ways to conserve rainwater that otherwise gets wasted by getting drained off.

Over the last two years, Tata Steel Rural Development Society has installed rainwater harvesting structures at various places around Jamshedpur as well as in mines and collieries. Installation of rainwater harvesting structure helps in channelising precious rainwater to percolate down and replenish underground water table.

Continuing with this initiative, rainwater harvesting project was inaugurated on June 29, 2013 at the following locations in Bagbera - a) Road No. 4 & 5; b) Shiv Mandir Premises, Bagbera

Nearly 75 households will benefit from this intervention. Top Water Experts from around the country inaugurated the Rainwater Harvesting Project.

Mr. Biren Bhuta, Chief, CSR, Tata Steel and other staff members of the Tata Steel Rural Development Society also attended the programme.