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Susen Mahato conquers ‘Mt. Everest’

Jamshedpur, May 21, 2013

~The climber from Jharkhand conquers the highest peak in the world, ably supported by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation~

Susen Mahato, a rural youth supported by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, has successfully climbed Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, today at 7 in the morning. Susen Mahato is a part of the expedition team from India for Mt. Everest and is supported by Tata Steel as a rural youth. The success also coincides with the 60th anniversary year of the first climb of the zenith of the world when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed the peak on 29th May, 1953.

Susen Mahato, age 44, hailing from Paharpur village in Rajnagar block of Saraikela Kharsawan District of Jharkhand is accompanying Arunima for the expedition. Susen Mahato has successfully undergone training and conditioning camp under Ms. Bachendri Pal, Chief, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation. He has earlier successfully scaled Mt Chhamser Kangri, 21,110 feet in 2012. His association with Tata Steel Adventure Foundation dates back to 1998 when he participated in TSAF adventure sports like river rafting, hill walking and mountain-biking. Susen Mahato is supported by Tata Steel as a rural youth and is currently working with TSAF as an Instructor.

Arunima Sinha, age 26, who is also a part of the expedition is doing well in her strong pursuit of climbing the peak and would become the first women amputee in India to successfully climb to the top, when she conquers it.

About Tata Steel Adventure Foundation
Established in 1984, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation was established to promote adventure sports and activities among all walks of life. The objective of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) is to imbibe the spirit of adventure through the wonders of adventure sports, thereby developing a healthy rapport with environment and nature.

The foundation, established by Tata Steel gives importance to maintaining a positive attitude in life and helps participants cultivate it through a multidisciplinary approach along with a wide range of activities. Designed for all age groups, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation has special programmes for children, youth, corporate employees and senior citizens. It has evolved the concept of utilizing benefits of adventure in everyday life to perfection and aids and encourages many forms of the sports like mountain trekking, parasailing and river rafting. In an effort to extend the benefits to the business world, TSAF has also incorporated the needs of corporate management, particularly team building. The foundation’s core strength lies in its highly capable and motivated personnel, led by renowned mountaineer Padmashree Smt. Bachendri Pal, who ensure a safe and supportive atmosphere for enthusiasts to willingly participate. They are presented with actual problems, real consequences and real constraints. In its endeavor to promote mountaineering, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation has so far provided training, mentoring and financial support for 5 expeditions to Mt. Everest along with numerous other expeditions across the continent.