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"The Century of Trust" An Exhibition by Tata Group Inaugurated

Jamshedpur, December 01, 2004

The year 2004 is of special significance to the Tata Group. It marks the death centenary of our founder JN Tata and the birth centenaries of JRD Tata and Naval Tata, three leaders of the Tata Group who have helped shape the Indian Industry.

On this occasion, Mr B Muthuraman, Managing Director, Tata Steel, inaugurated an exhibition setup by the House of Tata, titled 'THE CENTURY OF TRUST' an EXHIBITION today at Jubilee Park. The exhibition highlights the contribution of these three leaders and showcases the industrial development, the entrepreneurial spirit and role towards nation building in the last century. The exhibition narrates the story of the Tata Group in the context of the key events in Indian History over the past 120 odd years.

The first exhibition was inaugurated by the President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam at the Entrepreneurship Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on July 23, 2004.

Spread over a carpet area of approx 5000-6000 sq.ft, the layout of the exhibition consists of three elements viz. Circular Walkway, depicting the passage of time, with Panels on Indian History to the left, Alcoves on the Tata History to the right, and a central area called the Core, portraying the Tata Group core values.

The 'Century of Trust' Exhibition by the Tata Group was held first in Bangalore and then has subsequently traveled to Hyderabad and Kolkata. The exhibition is now open for public viewing at Jamshedpur and then travel to other metros in the coming months. The exhibition will be open for visitors for 15 days in each city from morning 10 o'clock to evening 8 o' clock.


Exhibits showing milestones in Indian History that have had a key impact on millions of Indians and affected the Indian economy in a great way.

The main objective of the Century of Trust exhibition is to highlight the core values of the Tata Group, thereby leaving the audience with a feeling of elation, inspiration and pride.

The exhibition is designed in a high tech and interactive fashion. Video screens showing audio-visual footage, interactive kiosks, etc take the visitor through an exhilarating experience the Tata way, with a special focus on the Tata group values, highlighting all major achievements of the Tata Group.

Some of the key elements illustrated through the Panels on Indian History are the 1857 - First war of Indian Independence, Jalianwala Bagh, Rise of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Independence, Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel Prize, Dr C V Raman's Nobel Prize, Pakistan war and Liberalization of Bangladesh, Arrival of Television, Indian Glorious -1983 Cricket World Cup, Liberalization of Indian economy amongst others.


The Tata story in the context of Indian history - A journey through times of

• JN Tata
• Sir Dorabji Tata
• JRD Tata
• Naval Tata
• Ratan Tata

The Alcoves on the Tata History encompasses everything one would want to know about the Tatas ranging from JN Tata's vision for the Tata Empire, Sir Dorabji Tata's contribution to the Nation through the various trusts, JRD's first foray into entrepreneurship, formation & emergence of its flagship companies such as Tata Steel, Indian Hotels Company Ltd, Tata Power, TELCO, Tata Chemicals, TCS, Tata Motors, Tata Indicom, Tata Tea and the like, to the commitment of the Tata towards sports, role played by Tatas in the development of the metropolitan - Bombay, the leaders that JRD created and The Tata Group under stewardship of Ratan Tata and the roadmap ahead.

Through symbolic wall projections, the Core brings to life the Tata values viz. Spirit of Adventure, Institutionalized Enterprise, Sense of National Purpose, giving back wealth to the nation, Trust & Integrity.

About Century of Trust

The Tata Way
Represents the 5 core values of the Tata group:

• Adventure
• Pioneer, Enterprise
• Nationalism
• Passion
• Trust & Integrity

The 'Century of Trust' is an initiative of the Tatas for the year 2004, which holds a special significance for the entire group. It marks the death centenary of their founder JN Tata and the birth centenaries of JRD Tata and Naval Tata, three leaders of the Tata Group who have helped shape the Indian Industry.

The Century of Trust Exhibition is one of the many programs planned during this momentous year. Some of the activities that have been conducted so far include Special Hall of Fame as a tribute to JRD Tata at the Pride of India Exhibition, Chandigarh, release of a special diary commemorating the founder by Tata Steel, the Naval Tata Memorial Hockey Test Series between India and Holland, Honouring of Former Hockey Olympians as a tribute to Naval Tata, release of Lasting Legacies - A Special Tata Review Issue on the three Tata leaders, Special commemorative Ad marking the death anniversary of JN Tata, and Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz, organized for both Tata employees and for young managers in other corporates.