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Dr Jamshed J Irani Award for Excellence in Education

Jamshedpur, January 16, 2002

Dr Jamshed J Irani led Tata Steel's pursuit of Business Excellence from 1988 through the decade in the 90s. The leadership of Dr. Irani and the sincere efforts of the Tata Steel workforce resulted in Tata Steel being conferred of the JRD QV Total Quality Award in the year 2000. His personal commitment to the cause of quality served as a role model for the entire workforce of Tata Steel to bring about continuous improvement in all aspects of their work. Today, Tata Steel stands proud in making profits when others of its ilk are either making losses or struggling to keep afloat - not only in India but globally.

As a business leader Tata Steel has been committed to its social responsibilities. Education has been an important aspect of its citizenship role as today's children are the future of the nation. For over fifty years the Company has been supporting education and has created a world class infrastructure in imparting quality education to the children of its employees and the citizens of Jamshedpur. Mr. B. Muthuraman, Managing Director-Tata Steel, is committed towards bringing global standards of education into the schools of Jamshedpur.

Performance excellence in schools facilitates the creation of an ambience which will nurture the 'citizens of tomorrow' in order to enable them to bring pride to the nation.

Towards this endeavour Dr. Jamshed J. Irani Award for Excellence in Education is being instituted to promote performance excellence in schools of Jamshedpur. The award will consist of:

• A financial assistance for infrastructure development.
• A specially designed trophy and a certificate.
• The award winning schools will be entitled to use the excellence logoon their
  letter heads, business cards, advertisement etc.

The Award is based on the 'Tata Steel Education Excellence Model' designed to help the schools to deliver improved quality of education to the students and other stakeholders. It will also help the schools to understand their current level of performance and to establish improvement priorities.