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Incident at Tata Steel Jamshedpur Plant this evening (May 8, 2019)

Jamshedpur, May 08, 2019


Today evening, the ‘H’ Blast Furnace Process coal injection system used for injecting fuel into furnace developed a technical problem. Immediately the operating team began work on restoring the system back to optimal performance.

However, owing to the above mentioned technical problem, furnace pressure increased and as per standard procedure, process safety measures immediately kicked in and the “bleeders” which are the safety relief system in the furnace operated at 6:45 PM. This explains the noise heard along with the gases and black smoke seen.

There has been no injury of any sort whatsoever to any individual and no property damage due the same.

The Furnace is presently in recovery mode.

The developments mentioned above are a testament to the strong safety measures in place at Tata Steel which ensures that in case of technical problems, deviations are taken care of with strong embedded safety measures at all times.