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Tata Steel Education Excellence Annual Awards function

Jamshedpur, May 01, 2017

The Tata Steel Education Excellence Annual award function will be held at Fasy Auditorium, Loyola School on 1st May 2017. Mr T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel, India and South East Asia will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The TEEP award function will celebrate the achievements of schools that have participated in Tata Education Excellence Programme 2015 & 2016

Under the Education Excellence Programme, schools are recognized under various categories of awards.

Assessment Program

  1. Regular Program: Regular Program has been in place since 2003. Participating schools are assessed by a team of 5-6 assessors led by Principals and include teachers. The assessment is done on a 1000-point scale. TEEP Regular criteria covers seven areas: (1) Leadership, (2) Planning, (3), Customer Focus, (4) Measurement, Analysis & KM, (5) Workforce Focus, (6) Work Process, & (7) Results.

    The criteria and framework was derived from the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence but customised over time in line with the school & education systems in India.

    The schools will be recognized for their efforts and their movement up the ladder in their journey for excellence. The school that attains a score of 600+ (out of 1000) is given the Dr. JJ Irani Award. Assessment findings are used for improvement by the schools. 20 schools have participated in Regular program this year.
  3. Basic Program: Started in 2012, the Basic Programme is a simpler checklist version of the regular assessment, is for schools that have just embarked on their education excellence journey. A compliance score of 90 percent allows the school to qualify for the regular programme. 11 schools participated in Basic program in 2016.
  5. Saral Program: In 2013, the TEEP successfully expanded its reach to rural, Government & Hindi-Medium through the Saral programme. The focus is on infrastructure requirements and base processes. Schools that achieve a threshold score, are eligible to participate in the Basic Program. A total of 21 schools have participated in Saral this year. TEEP SARAL has helped standardise their processes and achieve a minimum level of maturity by following a structured framework to identify the gaps, align processes and develop a system for more focused growth.

Improvement Initiatives

TEEP encourages engagement of teachers and students in picking up areas for improvement and working towards making a difference. These are documented as projects. All such improvement and innovation projects submitted by schools are shortlisted and evaluated by a designated jury. The best stories demonstrating high level of excellence are recognised at the annual TEEP awards function.

  1. Education Quality Improvement Projects  (EQUIP): Improvement projects are undertaken by teams of teachers & students using a systematic & scientific problem solving approach. EQUIP which has been in place since 2010 comprises of 3 categories of projects: Executing Task; Innovation; Problem Solving
  3. PEARL: Institutionalized since 2010, PEARLS are best practices of schools, that are identified by the assessment team as part of assessment.
  5. INNOTEACHING: Innoteaching was introduced in 2013. This award encourages teachers to demonstrate innovative approaches in teaching adopted by them to enable students to learn by understanding
  7. PANKH Awards: As part of a conscious effort to focus on students and develop a culture of excellence, students can showcase their improvement stories and impact. These cases are evaluated using specified criteria by an independent team and the selected papers get recognized. PANKH has been introduced in 2013.

Three new initiatives were introduced in 2016-
  1. DARE TO TRY AWARDS: is a new initiative started in 2016 that recognizes innovative attempts at improvement that have not succeeded. It aims to encourage learning from failures.
  3. OUTSTANDING ACTIVITY CLUB AWARDS: aims to motivate schools to focus on leveraging their activity clubs to promote overall student development.
  5. TEACHER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING: was initiated with the aim of encouraging teacher excellence in all areas including lesson planning, teacher-development.

A total of 163 improvement projects were received under all these initiatives.

All improvement initiatives are shortlisted based on a defined evaluation criteria and presented before a Jury on EQUIP & EDUQUEST Day. Winners will be recognized at the TEEP award function.

TEEP was introduced in the year 2003, as a tool to enable schools improve the “quality of education” and create a culture of excellence to nurture the “citizens of tomorrow.” Over 50 schools (touching 2500+ teachers & 100,000+ students) of Jamshedpur and nearby outstations have been regularly participating in TEEP.

The programme has evolved both in terms of its reach and quality. In recent years, it has encompassed “semi urban” and “rural” schools to its fold. Making a difference to these schools brings tremendous fulfilment to all of us. In the last few years, we have consciously reduced the focus on “assessment” and “score-based recognition” to more bottom-up qualitative work and related recognition. The entire “Improvement framework” of TEEP is based on promoting Improvement and Innovation practices and stories by teachers, students, parents etc. EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Projects), PANKH, Innoteaching, Teacher Award, Best Club activities are all directed towards creating more and more bottom-up stories. These strategic shifts have continuously helped the programme maintain its vitality.


Categories Score Band
Dr. J. J. Irani Award 600 +
Outstanding Achievement in Excellence in Education 550 – 599
Extraordinary Achievement in Excellence in Education 500 – 549
Significant Achievement in Excellence in Education 450 – 499
Strong Commitment to Excellence in Education 400 – 449
Commitment to Excellence in Education 350 -399